Top Five Options For Colt’s at QB in 2021: Philip Rivers retires

For the second offseason in succession, the Indianapolis Colts are in the quarterback market. Two years after Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement and one year in the wake of taking a flyer on long-lasting Chargers signal-guest Philip Rivers, the group affirmed Wednesday that Rivers, 39, has considered it a profession. New off a 11-5 completion and season finisher appearance, the Colts have neither short-or long haul surenesses in-house, with Jacoby Brissett set to hit free organization and youngster Jacob Eason presently can’t seem to take a solitary NFL snap.

Colts’ best five alternatives at QB in 2021, A gander at which players could be monitoring the QB spot for Indy in 2021

So where will the Colts go? Where would they be able to go? Here are five of the most consistent possibility to take over under focus in 2021 (you can look at SportsLine’s gander at the chances here):

5. Three pointer Lance

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The NDSU item is broadly viewed as a best four QB prospect in the current year’s draft, which implies he will undoubtedly go far sooner than the Colts’ No. 21 pick in the first round. Assuming, nonetheless, head supervisor Chris Ballard is not kidding about investigating a first-round QB (and he ought to be), and both he and mentor Frank Reich become hopelessly enamored with Lance, who hails from a similar school as ex-Reich student Carson Wentz and evidently streaks a few attributes suggestive of Luck, there’s motivation to accept the Colts would pull out all the stops to climb. Reich, all things considered, hasn’t been managed the cost of a genuine long haul QB choice in two years, and he’s currently entering his fourth season with the group. It would probably take a major take to hop nearer to or even into the best 10, however on the off chance that it gets them Lance’s alluring size and physicality, so be it. Pair him with a veteran like Ryan Fitzpatrick, and you’ve revived the Colts fan base.

4. Macintosh Jones

The assessments on Jones vary a touch more, with some projecting the Alabama item to go as ahead of schedule as the main four, and others thinking of him as to a greater degree a mid-to late-first-rounder. In the occasion draft day really achieves a slide, driving the double cross public boss into or past the adolescents, the Colts will very likely be a player. The thump on Mac is that he’s a genuine pocket passer – a “inferior” competitor who should win with his smarts more than crude ability. Be that as it may, simply take a gander at the QBs the Colts have focused on recently. In 2020, preceding arriving on a 38-year-old Rivers, one of the group’s actual sculptures in the pocket, they purportedly thought about Tom Brady, whose idleness is topped by not many. This isn’t to imply that Reich inclines toward “un-athletic” QBs, however he absolutely isn’t against more customary passers. What’s more, more critically, Jones may not cost so a lot on the off chance that he falls into their lap.

3. Carson Wentz

usatsi-13579328-carson-wentz-hawks qb-2019-1400.jpg


This present one’s been theorized such a lot of that it nearly feels too intelligent to ever be valid, now. There’s no denying the associations: Reich was Wentz’s hostile facilitator during the most encouraging stretch of his profession (2016-2017), the Colts are worked to fight now, they aren’t really prepared to land one of the top tenderfoot QBs, and they have a very sizable amount of cap space to retain Wentz’s serious deal. From Wentz’s viewpoint, the troubled Eagles QB has apparently as of now circumnavigated the Colts as a favored objective in case of an exchange. Here’s the robbery: While Reich and Ballard might be interested by the drawn out potential gain here, it feels far-fetched they’ll need to give up a huge load of draft funding to take on Wentz’s sticker price, and if the Eagles are really inclining toward attempting to reestablish their establishment QB, there’s little motivation to think they’ll competition to acknowledge a deal offer.

2. Matthew Stafford

In the event that the Colts are hoping to remain in the blend in 2021 without facing a major challenge on an informal undertaking in Wentz, at that point there’s no preferable choice over Stafford. The sticker price would in any case be steep ($33 million out of 2021, $26 million of every 2022), and the Lions wouldn’t sell him for little more than, for Stafford’s situation, there’s a lot sturdier resume to legitimize the expense. The previous No. 1 pick wasn’t extraordinary in 2020, yet he feels past due for a difference in landscape and would be prepared for something like 4,000 yards and 30 scores behind Indy’s O-line. At 32, he’s likewise youthful enough to warrant in excess of a one-year rental, however his agreement takes into consideration a snappy exit in 2022, if the Colts were prepared to proceed onward. The lone main problem here is pay: What is Ballard ready to give up? All the other things fits, and if that wasn’t already enough, the Lions would will transport their long-term QB out of the NFC.

1. Sam Darnold



Wentz has gotten all the buzz as a potential Reich reclamation project, yet we’re not speaking enough about the more financially savvy elective. Darnold, who, as destiny would have it, wound up with the Jets after New York’s pre-draft exchange with Indy, is still only 23. He’s under agreement for only $9.8M in 2021 and could be held on a fifth-year alternative in 2022. And keeping in mind that the Jets may discuss rescuing their previous first-rounder under another staff, all signs highlight them drafting another establishment QB in April. He’s far less demonstrated than both Wentz and Stafford, yet the range of abilities is there. Envision how various his numbers may have glanced in Indy’s framework. Reich, then, has a relationship with Jets GM Joe Douglas, who’ll attempt to drain Darnold’s exchange esteem. Would it be unsafe? Sure. Yet, on the off chance that the Colts can’t strike for a top freshman, what preferable option over “re-drafting” Darnold as a drawn out turn of events?