Three Years after the Anime The World Ends With You

Despite the fact that we ought to get some news on NEO: The World Ends With You in the several days, we’ve entirely discovered something pretty fascinating about the following section it happens three years after the anime.

As spotted by Gematsu, game chief Tatsuya Kando said that NEO happens three years after the anime, which appears to suggest that the anime will be the authority ordinance for The World Ends With You.

In case you’re asking why NEO will explicitly be a spin-off of the anime and not the game, it’s probably being done to refresh the innovation utilized by the characters. The first DS discharge had characters utilizing flip telephones, while the anime refreshes the gadgets to be cell phones.

In the event that NEO was set three years after the first game and not the anime, it wouldn’t bode well to perceive how quick the innovation has developed in Shibuya, and the characters surely wouldn’t look as current as they do as the timetable would be set in 2010.

There’s additionally the likelihood that the anime adds more to the tale of The World Ends With You and that the engineers need to circle back to whatever the arrangement presents. We truly will not know until the anime completions and we can perceive what has remained something very similar and what has been changed.

The information on the game’s arrangement in the timetable brings up some intriguing issues for aficionados of the main game. First of all, is it conceivable we’ll see the characters from the principal game here considering it has been a long while since their Reaper’s Game? Will the anime and NEO adjust the “A New Day” storyline from Final Remix? Is Neku still in a similar circumstance?

Fortunately, we will not need to stand by too long to even think about finding a few solutions, as Square Enix has affirmed that we’ll be getting new data for NEO on April 9, which is additionally when the anime will at last start broadcasting.

Fans will be blessed to receive some new data about NEO: The World Ends with You before the anime communicates one week from now.

It’s been a long while since we last found out about NEO: The World Ends with You. Reported back in November of a year ago, the game is the hotly anticipated development to the clique exemplary DS RPG delivered in 2007. Almost 14 years after the fact, we will at long last see what Square Enix has been up to with this arrangement.

On the authority Twitter represent The World Ends with You – The Animation-(the forthcoming anime variation of the primary game), it was uncovered by arrangement maker Tetsuya Nomura that data in regards to NEO would be appeared to fans ok before the circulating of the main scene of the anime on April 9, 2021. Since NEO is set to follow up the occasions of said anime, it bodes well that Square Enix is connecting to two together.

I wouldn’t really expect any sort of ongoing interaction uncover here as that wouldn’t bode well for a transmission before the anime. We’re probably going to get more story data and perhaps be acquainted with a portion of the characters that players will be controlling. There’s still a great deal of questions with regards to NEO, yet Square Enix loves to take as much time as is needed fastidiously chipping away at games.

Whatever occurs, at any rate The World Ends with You is at long last getting some acknowledgment from Square Enix. I don’t really accept that that the principal game was awesome, however it had an unquestionable climate that asked for in any event one continuation. It’s pitiful that almost 15 years have passed by, however at any rate we’ll at long last see a continuation before the sun explodes…maybe.

Arrangement maker Tetsuya Nomura as of late expressed that NEO: The World Ends With You is expected to be a continuation of the anime.

Tetsuya Nomura has affirmed that NEO: The World Ends With You will be a continuation of the authority anime that is expected to be delivered in April.

As per an interpretation given by KHInsider, the arrangement maker of TWEWY assumed control over the anime’s true Twitter account to give an update to fans. He said that the game will be a continuation of the anime and that the cover of the new character Rindo will turn into a piece of the ordinary world. He additionally incorporated a brilliant piece of work of art that shows Neku and Rindo together, spiky hair what not.

Makes this piece of information interesting that NEO: The World Ends With You appears as though it isn’t following the game’s underlying storyline, which makes one wonder: is this another game set in a totally unique course of events? Maybe it’s a path for two separate ordinances to exist simultaneously. With the following passage of the Kingdom Hearts arrangement occurring in Shibuya and the bother in Dream Drop Distance of Neku meeting Sora once more, maybe that will go about as a pseudo-spin-off of the DS game. We wouldn’t get it past Nomura, particularly given that he is by all accounts including his dropped project Versus XIII in the blend too. Would it be a good idea for us to consider this the Nomuraverse?