8 Anime Characters Who’d Be Better Rivals For Sakura Than Ino

Sakura Haruno had Ino as an opponent growing up, however now, she needs a contender who can push her higher than ever. Who would it be advisable for it to be?

A decent adversary can spike any anime character higher than ever of force and significance, and in the realm of Naruto, there are in excess of a couple of competitions around. Naruto and Sasuke continually attempted to outshine one another, and Rock Lee considered Neji To be as his most noteworthy opponent to survive. In the mean time, Sakura Haruno had Ino Yamanaka as her own opponent, predominantly in their more youthful years.

As learner ninja, the two young ladies looked for the endorsement and profound respect of Sasuke Uchiha, the knockout, and what is more, Ino helped shake Sakura out of her self-centeredness and trained her that all blossom buds are bound to sprout sometime in the future. The youthful Sakura acknowledged this, and she committed to never lose to Ino again. This was a decent contention, yet after a point in Naruto, Sakura required a couple of new adversaries to make all the difference for her. Who would it be advisable for her to pick out of the whole universe of anime?

8.Hinata Hyuga, The Taijutsu Powerhouse

Despite the fact that Hinata Hyuga wasn’t at the highest point of the taijutsu rankings in Naruto, she astounded everybody, most herself, with her mind boggling development after Naruto gave her a couple of empowering words during the chunin tests. Hinata had a delicate heart, and she figured out how to back it up with brutal, Hyuga-style taijutsu.

Presently, Hinata is an appropriate Hyuga family ninja, battling close by her talented cousin Neji as an equivalent. Sakura Haruno is additionally a taijutsu subject matter expert, so both kunoichi could contend to see who can dominate hand to hand fighting the quickest, and they are both genial individuals who see each other well.

7.Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo’s Supernatural Friend (Bleach)

Rukia Kuchiki is a Soul Reaper, and she assumed a freely comparable part in this anime as Sakura did in Naruto. Rukia is extreme however reasonable, and very keen as well, effectively supplementing and supporting the male lead (Ichigo Kurosaki). Rukia is there to help keep Ichigo in line, and she can show him some things en route.

On an individual level, Rukia and Sakura would associate well, and they have a generally comparative degree of force and procedure also. The two of them would have some good times driving themselves to the following level in a wild however cordial contention.

6.Eijiro Kirishima, The Armored Hero (My Hero Academia)

The student saint named Eijiro Kirishima shares more for all intents and purpose with Sakura than either character would anticipate. The two of them are furious skirmish warriors who battled from the start with self-question about their own capacities, and in that sense, they would absolutely turn out to be old buddies and everlasting opponents.

Eijiro questioned his Hardening Quirk from the start, thinking it was excessively cautious and excessively exhausting for legend work. In any case, after he saw Mina Ashido valiantly face a lowlife, he set out to put stock in himself and end his self indulgence. Presently he can demonstrate his value to Sakura, and the other way around.

5.Lisanna Strauss, The Animal Mimic (Fairy Tail)

Lisanna Strauss is the most youthful of the three Strausses, and seemingly the most un-incredible of them. Like Elfman and Mirajane Strauss, Lisanna can mostly transform into creatures, frequently to develop bird wings and claws. She can likewise accept a feline young lady structure for deft scuffle battle, total with paws and ears.

Like Sakura, Lisanna is an intense and decided warrior with everything to demonstrate, and she has a lot of companions and partners to set a genuine model for her. She and Sakura would see one another, and they could shape an extraordinary competition to see which blossom bud can sprout first.

4.Koichi Hirose, The Morioh Town Sidekick (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Koichi Hirose is one of Josuke Higashikata’s JoBros, alongside Okuyasu Nijimura. From the outset, Koichi was minimal in excess of an onlooker during Josuke’s Stand fights, yet then he stirred his own Stand, named Echoes, and started to utilize its innovative forces in battle and watch Josuke’s back.

Koichi is late to the gathering, yet he’s endeavoring to get up to speed, and that places him in a comparable situation as Sakura right off the bat in Naruto. Both of them are cunning and sincere colleagues, and a competition could before long follow.

3.Bolin, The Pro Bender (The Legend Of Korra)

Bolin understands what it resembles to take on a supporting role to somebody. His elder sibling, the Firebender named Mako, paid special mind to both of them and assumed responsibility for their professional twisting group, the Fire Ferrets. Before she turned into a force to be reckoned with kunoichi, Sakura falled behind Naruto and Sasuke, a position Bolin would comprehend to a certain extent.

Bolin endeavored to make up for lost time, actually like Sakura did, and both of them could race each other to see who’s the most grounded beast power warrior around. Sakura doesn’t utilize earth chakra, yet her strong clench hands have a comparative effect as Bolin’s earthbending strikes, so it’s nearby enough. This could be a fun, agreeable competition.

2.Ban, The Immortal Sin (The Seven Deadly Sins)

The fox sin of covetousness is Ban, a military craftsman who has an exceptional mystery: he can’t be executed. Some time prior, Ban drank from the wellspring of interminability, on account of his new companion Elaine, and he can quickly recover even dangerous wounds in battle.

In the first story, Ban was a well disposed adversary to Meliodas, the winged serpent sin of rage, however, Ban would cheerfully rival any brutal contender who can challenge him in skirmish battle, and Sakura, with her powerful clench hands and mending jutsu, could unquestionably keep up. Allow the competition to start.

1.Tamaki Kotatsu, The Feline Fire Soldier (Fire Force)

For a period, Tamaki Kotatsu lingered behind her kindred fire troopers, with any semblance of Shinra Kusakabe, Arthur Boyle, and Maki Oze showing her up over and over. Tamaki solidified her purpose later on, and fired preparing hard to make up for lost time and demonstrate what she can truly do.

In the same way as other of Sakura’s likely adversaries, Tamaki can feel for Sakura Haruno’s position from the get-go in Naruto, and the two characters are savage and defensive scuffle specialists who are anxious to show the world what they can truly do. Regarding battle abilities and character the same, Sakura and Tamaki would get along incredible.