Everyday photos like a scene from an anime It’s a work that moves me now that I miss “everyday life”.

Pictures that look like a scene from an anime, where you can see the everyday life of nothing on the immediate side, are gaining popularity.

The work of artist Akine Coco (@ akinecoco987) captures familiar scenery that you might encounter while walking outside.

In each case, the scenery makes me feel nostalgic, but there is also a special feeling of seeing the world of the story, and I feel peace in the overall color, and when I notice it, I feel kind. I really miss the “every day” in front of me …

Akine Coco’s born in Fukui Prefecture, the main views of the same prefecture, the Japan of the colorful nature and everyday Twitter in the ” # as a scene of animation has been posted with the hashtag of”, in February Is a collection of photographic works “Like a scene from an anime. 』(Art newspaper) published. In the comments, some people said, “It may be the first time that I felt that ordinary scenery was cute, ” and it is also gaining popularity from overseas users.

By the way, in the Instagram (@akine_coco) account, we publish photos that cut out everyday life more minimally.