“Artiswitch” project animation distribution set in Harajuku is decided In addition to newcomer Aoi Uta, Akio Otsuka, Akira Ishida and others will appear

The original animation will be distributed as part of the “Artiswitch” project by Sunrise and Asobisystem, which develops the themes of fashion, art, and music in Harajuku. All 6 episodes will be delivered sequentially on the official YouTube channel from 8 pm on May 28th. At the same time, the release of the animation PV, the cast, and the staff were announced prior to the distribution of the first episode.

The “Artiswitch” project is a new creative project that originates from Harajuku, which has created a variety of countercultures by appointing creators and artists who have cutting-edge talents in the fields of fashion, art, and music. In the anime version, Nina, a witch who runs a shop in Ura-Harajuku, which is somewhere in Harajuku, looks into the “real feelings” deep inside the heart of the customer in order to fulfill the customer’s hidden wishes. Draw a figure that grows while being delighted, hurt, and struggling with the selected wish. Delivery after the first episode is the second episode on June 18, the third episode on July 9, the fourth episode on July 30, the fifth episode on August 20, and the first episode on September 10. 6 episodes planned. The delivery time is 8:00 pm for each story.

With the theme song “Fly, Saihate. (Feat. Kana Adachi )” by yonkey as the background, the video begins with the scene where Nina changes her costume instantly, in addition to her, various characters that color the story and the cityscape of Harajuku also appear. To do.

The cast has also been revealed, and Aoi Uta, a new actress, has been selected as Nina. In addition, subtle Kuroki the Haruka, the mana Riko, the Akihiro Yutaro, Microsoft recommends the Rinne Yoshida, a tiara Miyamoto, the Saki Haruka Ishida is in charge, the name has not been revealed two characters Played by Akio Otsuka and Akira Ishida.

The staff was also announced, and under the director, Kazuma Ikeda who worked on the opening video of “Crayon Shin-chan”, the series composition and screenplay were “Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-” “TRICKSTER -From Edogawa Ranpo ” Shonen Detective Team ” of Erika Yoshida, the character design draft illustrator Matsuohiromi serve. The music will be handled by Rasmus Faber of “The Asterisk War” and “Harukana Receive”, and the animation will be produced by Sunrise.