“Voice actor and night play” Tomoaki Maeno birthday special held! Hiroki Yasumoto’s home cooking gift “Sui Ishida”

The new future TV program “AbemaTV” will be broadcast on “Anime LIVE Channel” from 10 pm to 11:30 pm on May 24, 2021, “Voice Actor and Night Play Moon

broadcast, a birthday special will be held to celebrate Tomoaki Maeno, who will celebrate his birthday on May 26th. We celebrated our birthday with corners such as “I want Maeno-san to eat a special XX” and “Let’s make Maeno-san’s new XX”. Tomoaki Maeno was also impressed by the homemade dishes from Hiroki Yasumoto and the presents !? In the program, a special project was held to celebrate Maeno’s 39th birthday. Maeno is celebrated like a professional baseball player by appearing along with baseball announcements and flying jet balloons. First of all, in response to Maeno who said “I want to eat curry” at the meeting, “Monday night play” prepares the familiar Aubergine curry. In addition, this time it was a special version, so it was topped with roast beef from Matsuzaka beef Chateaubriand, which was handmade by Yasumoto. Maeno is excited about the luxurious combination of Yes and “Sui Ishida”. While showing a happy face, “Soft”, “Play at night “is a paradise” and “It goes great with curry”, I tasted the present from Yasumoto. In addition, Yomiuri Giants, Yoshiyuki Kamei congratulatory message from the players also arrived. After the first, the second surprise from Kamei, “Don’t overdo it!” “Please ask for the treasure of the ball world .” “I’m really grateful,” he said, thanking Kamei for his kindness. Also, in the program, “Let’s make a new XX for Mr. Maeno” will be held. As a gift from the program to Maeno who wants to make a new uniform, we have prepared a shop where you can make custom-made uniforms. I had Maeno make an original uniform. Maeno is able to customize the shape, color, and design, so he will solidify his image while picking up a number of samples. Once the direction has been set to a certain extent, we will use a simulation system that allows us to try various color and design combinations on a computer, and decide the finish based on the program colors yellow and purple, which are based on the image of “night play.” Yasumoto, who was watching over, seems to be curious about the system that displays various patterns such as “This system is interesting” and “It’s really fun!”. He advised Maeno, who was worried, “Is it black to tighten?” “When I see a uniform based on yellow, I use navy blue .” After that, he continued to devote himself to making “night play” style uniforms, saying “This is cool!” And “It has individuality.” When the design was decided, I was looking forward to the completion, saying “I’m looking forward to the finish!” At the end of the program, Yasumoto once again sent me a message saying, “Happy birthday, a little early” and “Please run through this year in good health.” Maeno also thanked Yasumoto and the viewers for celebrating, “I don’t think it’s easy to have such a wonderful birthday, so it was a memory of my life.” I finished it. (C) AbemaTV, Inc.