Nikuko-chan at the fishing port officially invited to the Annecy Anime Film Festival and appeared at the Akashiya pacific saury and Otake Shinobu completion briefing

It was announced that the completion debriefing session for the animated film Fishing Port Meat Child was held yesterday, May 26, and was officially invited to the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2021.

the event, Sanma Akashiya, who was planning and producing, Shinobu Otake, who was in charge of the voice of the mother and daughter in the play, and Ninomiya Natsuki Hanae, Ayumu WatanabeThe director took the stage. Mr. pacific saury, who fell in love with Kanako Nishi’s novel of the same name and realized the animation project over five years, said that the work was completed, It is definitely a work that can be said to be 100 points, so I hope everyone will see it! I showed confidence. Mr. Otake, who played the main character, Nikuko-chan, said, It’s a really good movie. The original work by Kanako Nishi is also very nice, and the finished work is very warm, so I think pacific sury-san is the person who makes such a good movie. It was, and Cocomi, who played the role of Kikuko, the daughter who challenged the voice actor for the first time in this work, also said, It is a heart-warming work with mysterious beauty. For those who are depressed now, I would be happy if you could watch it if you have any. Also, when Mr. Otake said, I thought it was a work that can be enjoyed by a family that warms the heart through conversation, the beauty, and the story of the picture, he suddenly laughed and said, Don’t say family in front of me. pacific saury-san. Immediately, he said, I don’t have a family and a breathtaking conversation took place. Mr. Hanae also appealed the work, saying, It was very refreshing to see the feelings of Nikuko-chan and the new way of watching animation that I could understand only when I was in the position of a parent. I think it is work that people of all ages can enjoy. However, he cautioned, All the rice that appears in the scene where Meiko-chan eats seems to be delicious, so you shouldn’t watch it when you’re hungry. Cocomi, who is also challenging the Kansai dialect while trying for the first time as a voice actor, said, It was very difficult. During the dubbing, I was carefully instructed by Sanma and challenged many times. Sanma praised, I think it was difficult for me to play a role, but I thought I cleared it well and said, What surprised me most was the scene where I apologized to my best friend Maria. When I asked him to say, I didn’t know the meaning of patience. So I asked Maria to say What does patience mean? Many of them are inspired by mi-san. I think it would be fun if you could pay attention to those parts as well. In the event, we received an official invitation from the official selection of the 45th Annecy International Animation Film Festival, an international film festival that is also called Cannes in the animation world and is considered to be the highest peak of animated works in the world, and a special screening was also decided. Was announced as a surprise. At the same time, it was introduced that animation works such as Pixar and DreamWorks will be screened in the frame where they are invited, and Mr. pacific saury said I think that the great power of the office has moved laugh I was delighted to fly to the world. In addition, to celebrate the completion, Inagaki Raizumi, who was in charge of the theme song Image Poem of this work, also appeared and greeted cheerfully, I feel like a dream. I am happy to be on the stage with everyone Regarding the appointment of Mr. Inagaki, Mr. pacific sury said, At first I tried to change the lyrics from a female perspective, but after all, I wanted to keep the lyrics as they are, so I decided to go with female vocals. I asked him to find a child, but he said he didn’t. Is that the case? I found Kuruizumi-chan on the internet, but when I actually asked him to sing, he was ridiculously straightforward and dexterous. I thought! Takuro Yoshida said that he cried, but I’m also very satisfied. Nikuko-chan at the fishing port will be released nationwide on June 11th. The 45th Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2021 will be held from June 14th to 19th in Annecy, France.