The movie The Anthem of the Heart is broadcast on BS12

Sunday Anime Theater being broadcast on BS12 Twelve every Sunday night from, the animated movie The Anthem of the Heart by director Tatsuyuki Nagai, scriptwriter Mari Okada, and character designer Masayoshi Tanaka will be broadcast. To do.

This work is an emotional movement that depicts a girl with a past who has hurt people with words struggling to convey her feelings by singing. Also set in Saitama and Chichibu, it is a popular work known as the Chichibu trilogy along with Theatrical version We do not yet know the name of the flower we saw that day. People who know the blueness of the sky. One of the charms of this work is that it has a musical theme as well as a story that depicts the bond between people, such as trauma, conflict, and sadness of thinking about someone. Sorrow Over the Rainbow Around The A number of famous songs that everyone has heard, such as World, gently resonates with the viewer’s heart. Movie The Anthem of the Heart. Synopsis Jun Naruse, a girl whose family has fallen apart due to words she casually uttered when she was young. In order, the sudden appearance of the Egg Fairy seals the conversation so as not to hurt people again, and the curse is that speaking a word makes my stomach hurt. The traumatic order has closed since then, and mobile email has become the only means of communication. After a while, the order in which he became a second-year high school student was appointed by his homeroom teacher as an executive committee member of the Community Fureai Exchange Meeting one day. Takumi Sakagami, a lethargic person who doesn’t say what he really wants, and Daiki Tazaki, a former ace who was frustrated by an elbow failure while expecting Koshien, were appointed together. Three classmates who have no contact at all, Natsuki Nito, an honor student of the troubled cheerleader club. Each of them also had a wound in their hearts. At the behest of the teacher, Professor Hiroshima, the event will be decided to be a musical, but no one in the class seems to be enthusiastic. Meanwhile, only Takumi noticed the feeling of order, Maybe you want to sing, But he couldn’t say the order. Friends who argue that a woman can’t do a musical. When I saw him rubbing because of me, I suddenly said, I’ll sing, And on the day of the recital, it was the order in which I should have decided to sing the real feelings I wanted to convey that I had trapped in my heart. New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz Special Edition Theatrical version reconstructed by adding new parts to all three OVA works of the popular anime series. A Christmas Eve in 196. Relena Darlian, who was abducted in the colony during a diplomatic visit, meets Marie Meir, the daughter of Treize Khushrenada, the general manager of OZ who died last year. Around the time the girl took over her father’s hegemony and declared a new battle, Heero and Duo. However, Wufei and Trowa, who became enemies in front of them, are blocked. Xabungle Graffiti TV animation Combat Mecha Theatrical version of Zabungle edited with new cuts. Draw with a finale different from the TV series. On the Planet Zora, which was once called the Earth, there was a three-day rule that all crimes including thieves and murders are exempted if they escape for three days. However, the hot-blooded boy Jiron Amos rebelled against the law and continued to chase after his parents, Timp Sharon. However, that action eventually evolved into a turmoil that also shakes the existence of Zora’s ruler class, Innocent.Broadcast on This is Katsushika Ward Kameari Koenmae Police Station TV Special Bombing Train! From Abashiri to Tokyo! Ryotsu VS Kenpo Ba-san A special version of a popular anime that rampages. Ryotsu will be in charge of escorting the prisoner, Sakura Kamijo, from Abashiri. However, Sakura is a ridiculous songwriter, and Ryotsu is disturbed. On the other hand, in Tokyo, a criminal notice has arrived in Marunouchi saying that it will cause a super-sudden explosion. Broadcast on Typhoon Noruda Higashi had a fight with his best friend Saijo after quitting baseball, which he had been playing since he was a child. , Meets a mysterious red-eyed girl, Noruda, who suddenly appears. At the same time, one of the largest typhoons in the history of observation was about to hit the school. June 27 (Sun) Broadcast Metropolis SF Adventure, which is an animated movie of Osamu Tezuka’s masterpiece manga. Set in the mega-city nation Metropolis, it depicts the love and struggle between humans and robots. Kenichi, who came to Metropolis to search for Dr. Laughton, who is arson internationally, and a mysterious girl, Tima, near the secret laboratory of Lawton, which was set on fire by someone. meet.