Bad Bunny presents his own anime dependent on Naruto, in ‘Yonaguni’, his new video

Benito Martínez Ocasio, otherwise called Bad Bunny, debuted “Yonaguni”, his new melody where he likewise delivered his own anime form with a closure and a piece in Japanese of his music, which left local people and outsiders astonished.

Bad Bunny on numerous different events has demonstrated the fact that he is an enthusiast of computer games and movement. In any case, he had never joined these two diversions with his work as artists as of recently, when he chose to deliver a tune wherein he sang in Japanese and filled the video of it with Asian references.

We can see from Bad Bunny playing Warzone to little scenes in which he is rehearsing taekwondo (albeit that is more Korean than everything Japanese he tries to show) and customary settings of current Japanese urban areas, for example, ramen bars or karaoke bars.

Moreover, it gives a few references to anime like in that expression that shouts with its entire being: “I become Itachi”, uncovering one of the most seasoned and most noteworthy otaku dreams in the whole local area. Also, his Pokémon Go tattoo that he got on his leg for this video.

Then again, toward the finish of the melody, he shows a normal anime finishing off with which we see him strolling not too far off against a foundation of falling sakura while he discreetly gauges all that happens to him to sing:

Which in Spanish signifies: “I need to engage in sexual relations today, yet just with you. Where are you were right? I need to have intercourse today, however just with you. Where right? Where are you, eh? Motivating, in spite of the fact that it isn’t likely that we will track down this in any anime tune sung by Lisa or Yoh Kamiyama, however, this is Bad Bunny’s method of showing other of his pastimes in his music.