7 K-Pop Idols Who Established Their Own Entertainment Agencies

In the K-pop industry, most craftsmen are endorsed by amusement organizations in South Korea. Be that as it may, these days, it’s more normal for these Korean stars to branch away from their underlying organization and set up their own marks. Talk about being CEO-disapproved!

Here are the 10 K-pop icons who demonstrated their business venture abilities by setting up their own diversion organization:

1. Rain

Our OG Oppa Rain has set up one, yet two amusement organizations! The principal mark he set up was back in 2007 and he called it J.Tune Entertainment. In 2013, the name was completely converged with JYP Entertainment. He then, at that point set up his second amusement office, R.A.I.N Company, in 2016. At present, it houses two melodic craftsmen: Rain himself and the tenderfoot kid bunch, CIIPHER. The name additionally oversees entertainer Oh Ye Ju.

2. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel set up his own organization, KONNECT Entertainment, in 2019. The symbol was recently tangled in a lawful debate with his previous mark and subsequent to being on rest for a half year, he chose to build up an exclusive office. He accepted that it was the most ideal decision for his drawn-out exercises and that he would have the option to associate with fans as fast as could be expected in the event that he had his own organization. Presently, just Kang Daniel is endorsed to the name.

3. Kim So Hye

While advancing as an individual from I.O.I, Kim So Hye set up her own office, S&P Entertainment, which represents Shark and Penguin. Close by the foundation of the organization, So Hye and her folks set up a bistro called Penguin’s Cafe in Seoul as to where she and her fans could associate. Like Kang Daniel, she is the solitary craftsman under her mark.

4. Hyolyn

In 2017, the previous SISTAR part Hyolyn set up her own name, Bridge. The organization was made with the assistance of innovative chefs. At the point when it was reported that she had set up her own organization, Hyolyn made a point to say thanks to her SISTAR individuals and her previous mark, Starship Entertainment, for permitting her to develop into the fine woman she is today.


After the individuals from HIGHLIGHT have chosen to leave CUBE Entertainment, the gathering intended to set up their own office, Around Us Entertainment, for their future advancements collectively. They picked the expression “Around Us” to flag their craving to draw in with individuals all the more habitually. As of now, the individuals from HIGHLIGHT—Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang, and Son Dongwoon—are the lone specialists endorsed under the mark.

6. Shinwa

After Shinhwa’s elite agreement with Good Entertainment terminated, the individuals decided to set up their own autonomous amusement office to deal with their exercises collectively. Called SHINHWA Company, individuals Eric and Minwoo are co-CEOs, while different individuals are investors.

7. Block B’s Zico

In the wake of leaving Seven Seasons in 2018, Zico set up his own mark, KOZ Entertainment in 2019. At present, the organization houses soloists Zico and Down, just as the hip-bounce bunch FANXY CHILD. Penomeco used to be in the organization yet he left for this present year. In 2020, it was declared that KOZ Entertainment was procured by HYBE Corporation. While under the HYBE Labels, it worked freely and got inventive help.