Limited download of the original voice of red blood cells “Cells at Work! X Healthy Kanpo Health Campaign”

Japan Post Insurance will hold a “Cells at Work ! X Sukoya Kanpo Aruite Health Campaign” from July 15th to October 11th.

From July 15th, Japan Post Insurance will hold a health promotion campaign, “Cells at Work! X Sukoya Kanpo Aruite Health Campaign”. Until October 11th, the content will be developed using the “Sukoya Kanpo” app. A collaboration between the company’s health support app “Sukoya Kanpo” (iOS / Android) and the TV anime “Cells at Work!” anthropomorphizes cells in the body. Sakuya Kanpo is a smartphone app that allows you to manage several steps while having fun quickly.

A function to apply for a lottery where you can win a gift when you reach the target number of steps, ” radio exercises ” that you can do anytime and anywhere, content that introduces columns that are useful for your health, and “My health checkup advice” that lets you know your body from the results of your health checkup. Is prepared. Anyone over the age of 18 can use it for free. Japan Post Insurance promotes various initiatives such as providing health promotion services that utilize Sukoya Kanpo to realize a society in which people can live in good health with peace of mind. In this campaign, we collaborate with the popular anime “Cells at Work!”, Which depicts anthropomorphized cells and conveys the importance of exercise habits such as walking and radio calisthenics.

In addition, as a unique project for downloaders of Sukoya Kanpo, red blood cells (CV: Kana Hanazawa) ), white blood cells (neutrophils) (CV: Tomoaki Maeno ) will you can hear the walking support voice message. For example, a function to support users, such as preparing a “goal achievement congratulatory voice message” that can be heard only by those who have achieved the target number of steps for one day or more during the period (the type of goal achievement congratulatory voice changes for each period). In addition to being included, you can watch the original radio calisthenics video from Sukoya Kanpo. There is also a version in which red blood cells are in charge of the command of radio calisthenics.

■ “Cells at Work!” The main character, the role of red blood cells Kana Hanazawa Comment I walk a lot to walk 10,000 steps a day, so I played red blood cells while thinking that such an app would be excellent. I believe this is especially true in the summer, but I hope that you will not rely solely on your experience but will consciously rehydrate and walk healthily and enjoyably. Then, as red blood cells, I thought it was a unique experience to give that command for radio calisthenics. It was fun to feel like a leader.

Please do radio exercises with red blood cells! Cells at Work! Kana)’s narration announcement video Through the world view of “Cells at Work!”, We will deliver a video that conveys the importance of exercise habits such as walking with red blood cell narration. Scheduled to be distributed three times from YouTube channel / Twitter and particular campaign site. Watch YouTube channel:

Follow & retweet Twitter to get the autographed colored paper. In addition, follow & retweet Sukoya Kanpo’s official Twitter account (@sukoyakampo) to get ten autographed colored pieces by Kana Hanazawa and Tomoaki Maeno. I’ll present. TV anime “Cells at Work!” This is your story. The story of your body ──. The number of human cells, about 37 trillion. The cells are still working well today in the world of the body. Red blood cells carry oxygen, white blood cells that fight bacteria. There was a drama of unknown cells there. TV animation of the popular comic “Cells at Work!”, A new standard of anthropomorphic things. Official site: (C) Akane Shimizu / Kodansha / Aniplex / David production sentence ● ASCII