What is ‘MAPPA,’ a production studio hot topic in the anime ‘Chainsaw Man’?

It is new to remember that the animation of the dark hero action manga “Chainsaw Man” serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (published by Shueisha) was reported at the end of 2020.

The original fans were very excited, but the production studio for the animation As MAPPA attracted a lot of attention from anime fans.

Six months later, in June 2021, the teaser PV for the anime version of “Chainsaw Man” was lifted. Still, the number of views of the PV uploaded to YouTube’s MAPPA official channel has already exceeded 7.5 million times, and fans in Japan and overseas. Many comments are written that are expected from. It is a teaser PV unique teaser method that has not yet revealed the details. Although it does not contain any lines of people, it is packed with detailed drawings and decisive actions that even people who have never read the original will be interested in. It is a video of about 60 seconds that makes you look forward to the broadcast.

This time, I would like to give a rough explanation of what kind of animation company MAPPA is to those who became interested in the animation production company MAPPA after “Chainsaw Man.”

MAPPA is the name of a company established by Masao Maruyama, who was the president of the animation production company Madhouse after he retired from the company. During the Madhouse era, Masao Maruyama directed a series of theatrical animations directed by Satoshi Kon, including “PERFECT BLUE” (1997) and “Millennium Actress” (2002), and Mamoru Hosoda’s “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” ( He has planned and produced masterpieces of hitmakers such as “Summer Wars” (2009), “Mai Mai Miracle and the Millennium Magic” (2009) directed by Mamoru Hosoda. As an aside, Maruyama is the model for Masato Marukawa, the president of the fictional anime studio “Musashino Animation” that appears in the TV anime “SHIROBAKO” (2014) which depicts the inside of the anime industry.

Sunao Katabuchi’s animation movie “In This Corner of the World” (2016), which Maruyama planned after the founding of MAPPA, was a masterpiece screened in various countries around the world in response to a big hit in Japan and won numerous movie awards.

The scene in which the hero, Tin, who has a rather vague and sullen personality, crouches in the field during the war and tears, makes us feel a gap with the usual Tin and drives a cheerful personality like her to this point during the war. It is a famous scene that shows the misery of.

MAPPA is a TV anime “Rage of Bahamut GENESIS” (2014) based on a social game developed by Cygames and maintains the quality of theatrical anime grade that does not seem to be a weekly TV work. “Yuri !!! on ICE” (2016), which was set in the men’s figure skating world, attracted the support of female viewers because of the beauty of the drawing and the fun of the story.

In addition, the live-action special effects hero “GARO” series (2005-2020) directed by Keita Amemiya, who was supported by the core fan base, was released in “GARO-The Engraving of Fire-” (2014). It has a track record of making a TV animation with its title and succeeding in its sequel and theatrical version.

“Kakegurui,” in which Minami Hamabe and Mahiro Takasugi appeared and produced two live-action dramas and two theatrical performances, is only possible if MAPPA made the TV anime version (2017) was popular in the background. Let’s go. In “Kakegurui,” which has the theme of gambling, a kind of strange facial expression that Yumeko Jabami and his rivals show during the gambling game is well animated by reproducing the taste of the original manga. It was.

At the animation production site, there are differences in the content output depending on the director, drawing, art, shooting staff, and above all, the production cost that is collected each time, so whether it is the high quality of the picture or the beauty of art It cannot be said that this is a characteristic of MAPPA, but only in the studio set up by Masao Maruyama, who released a hit work in collaboration with many famous directors during the Madhouse era, the eyesight and foresight of the work choice.

The planning ability is consistently particular, and it has become a kind of safe brand among anime fans, such as “MAPPA’s animation is okay.” Like the aforementioned “Chainsaw Man,” “Jujutsu Kaisen,” an animated version of the battle manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (2020), is probably one of the works that made the name of MAPPA widely known to the world.

In the unique TV animation “Zombie Land Saga” (2018) that combines local idols and zombie neta, and its second term, “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” (2021), 2D animation of hand-drawn drawing of the character’s daily play part, While drawing the live stage part with 3DCG animation, the seamless cell look CG technology that does not have the intentional nest of CG is terrific.

The original animation “RE-MAIN” without the original manga, which has the theme of water polo in the swimming competition, is being broadcast. Still, the water swaying condition of the subjective image of looking up at the ball floating on the water’s surface from the bottom of the water, from the sky to the water.

The beginning of the first episode, which expresses the sunlight that shines in, is excellent. For the time being, I can’t take my eyes off the works that constantly surprise the viewer and the MAPPA works that fascinate me with the drawings. I would also like to expect “Attack on Titan The Final Season” and “Chainsaw Man” waiting to be broadcast.