Who Is Julieanne Newbould’s Boyfriend?

Julieanne Newbould was brought into the world in 1957 and is an Australian entertainer. She began her profession extremely youthful and has been dynamic in the business beginning around 1974. Likewise, Julieanne is famous for her work in the auditorium, just as in TV shows. Also, When she was only 16 years of age, she got her first job in Lindsey’s Boy. In this ABC telemovie, she assumed the part of Karen. The Tv show circulated in 1974. The story is about a home fighter from World War 2. Other than Lindsey Boy’s TV series, she has likewise worked for some Grundy association projects. Julieanne wedded a previous Prime Minister. Continue to peruse this article to know who the previous leader is? Furthermore, to know who Julieanne Newbould’s beau in 2021 is?

Furthermore, if you are an enthusiast of dramas, you may like her presentation in the show E road, made by Forrest Redlich. E Street is an Australian network show. It was delivered in 1989 and proceeded till 1993. The series was a magnum opus and won numerous Logie grants. Julieanne’s most critical job was in the show, Mr. Bad. She assumed the part of Virginia Travis in the show. Mr. Bad was delivered in the year 1991. The show is as yet recollected due to Julieanne’s person in the wrongdoing series. The storyline of the show got exceptionally famous and immediately positioned at No. 1.

Who is Julieanne Newbould’s sweetheart?

Julieanne Newbould is hitched to Paul Keating. Recall that we said at the beginning of this article that a previous executive had hitched the entertainer. Paul Keating is a previous Australian leader. He served his country from 1991 to 1996. He is the 24th Prime Minister of Australia. Paul was brought into the world on eighteenth January 1944, in Australia.

What’s more, he is an individual from the Australian Labor party. Likewise, Paul served in the Hawk government as a Treasurer of Australia. This was from 1983 to 1991. Also, Paul Keating joined the Labor Party when he was only 14 years of age. What’s more, at 25 years old, he was chosen for the House of Representatives.

He has been highly influential in his political profession. Sway Hawk selected Keating as the Treasurer in 1983. Around then, Bob Hawk was the Prime Minister of Australia. Paul and Bob made a decent group. They carried many changes to the Australian economy and pursued progression.


Discussing Julieanne’s profession, how about we start with the TV series she has worked on ready? Newbould began her vocation with a job in Lindsey’s Boy. The head of the series is Frank Arnold. You will cherish this exemplary series in case you are a fanatic of the dramatization classification. Additionally, Julieanne got an opportunity to assume a part in a drama in 1977. Different shows that Newbould was important for were, The youthful specialist, The anxious years, and the Prisoner. All of this series were delivered by the Grundy establishment. Also, in the series Grundy, she assumed two parts. To begin with, she assumed the part of Hannah Simpson, and later in 1986, and she assumed the part of Wendy Glover. This shows how capable the entertainer is.

Paul Keating’s Relationships

Paul Keating wedded two ladies in his day-to-day existence. His first marriage was to Annita Keating, who has a Dutch family line. Annita Keating was an airline steward. They have four youngsters together. They isolated after numerous years together. After their division, Keating proposed to Kristina Kennedy, who is a design expert. In the long run, the couple didn’t proceed with the marriage. In any case, the purposes for their bombed relationship are not known.

Furthermore, his subsequent marriage was to entertainer Julieanne Newbould. In the wake of Keating’s separation from Kristina, the couple wedded in 1988 and have been living joyfully from that point onward. Additionally, they have two girls together. Julieanne is a shocking entertainer with an extraordinary exhibition on screen. She plays played many parts in Tv shows and films.

All in all, concerning the inquiry, who is Julieanne Newbould’s sweetheart? Paul Keating is Juileanne’s significant other. Also, their life couldn’t be more joyful.