Uncharted Filming Locations: Know Where Uncharted Was Filmed!

uncharted filming locations

It has been more than four months since the movie was released, but we all haven’t gotten over the exotic filming locations of Uncharted. At the same time, some were enchanted with the Uncharted filming locations, while some were glued to the screens for the gaming theme of the movie. The live-action adaptation of the game series Uncharted set the tongues wagging. Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and Sophia Taylor Ali starrer movie minted over 40.17 million USD in its kitty. So, here is the scoop on the Uncharted filming locations. 

Uncharted Filming Locations

Come with us as we dig into the filming location of Uncharted. 

5 Augustine 

If you have already watched the movie, you will not take a minute to recognize what place this is. But for those who do not have a single clue about this place, don’t fret. We will tell you what place this is. Many of you might have guessed that this is the same place where the character of Tom Holland (Nathan Drake) and Mark Whalberg, who played the characters of Victor Sullivan, goes to an auction house in New York to plunder the crucifix, a possession of Magellan. Interestingly, the filmmakers have tricked you because there was no Augustine situated in New York. 

filming locations of Uncharted

4 National Palace 

Now the two protagonists, Victor Sullivan and Nathan Drake, strive hard to find the second key that would lead them to the treasure of Magellan. The story continues, and the two land up in the National Palace of Barcelona. Let us not dig into the movie’s whole plot but rather talk about this beautiful place’s history. National Palace took three years to build, from 1926 to 1929. This historical palace is the result of the hard work and perseverance of the two renowned architects of their time, Eugene Henry Cata and Eugenio Cendoya. 

uncharted filming locations

3 Santa Maria Del Pi 

As the story continues, Nathan Drake, aka Tom Holland, aka Nathan Drake, gets a lead leading him to the Santa Maria del Pi, a church in Barcelona, Spain. This monument has seen everything in its history. To your surprise, this monument has been pillaged and scorched, but its beauty has never been lost. 

filming location of uncharted

2  Sagrada Familia 

Hopping to the following filming location of Uncharted, Sagrada Familia is situated in Barcelona, Spain. The history of this place dates back to the 19th century. Touted as the most visited monument in Spain, Sagrada Familia was built by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi in 1882.

sagrada familia filming location of uncharted 

1 The Harvard Art Museum

It won’t be that cumbersome for the movie buffs to guess what place this is in the movie. But for those still thinking, let us give you some hints. Rudy Pankow( Sam) portrays the character of Tiernan Jones’s older brother( Nathan Drake) goes into the Harvard Art Museum to plunder another thing owned by Magellan in the movie, his map. The Harvard Art Museums consists of the Arthur M.Sackler Museum, The Fogg Museum, and the Busch- Reisinger Museum for the unversed. 

filming location uncharted

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