Johnny Depp’s Dating History: Find Out Everything About Girlfriends And Ex-Wife!

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Love, The four-letter word, has indefinite definitions. Some refer to this as a dopamine rush, while others describe it as a feeling of profound euphoria. Despite this ambiguity, everyone is intrigued by the same thing, though. And, of course, we are talking about love stories. The court case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp raised everyone’s eyebrows, and the topic hit the headlines for months. But today, we are here to discover Johnny Depp’s dating history.

So, folks, now sit back and enjoy your visit, as you’ve landed on the right page. And if you are a fan of Johnny Depp, then we aren’t letting you go anywhere. Enough chit-chat! It wouldn’t be wrong to say Johnny has got a type in terms of women. Also, do not forget to take a notebook and pencil in your hands since the list would be endless. 

Johnny Depp’s Dating History

Lori Anne Allison 

Johnny Depp has been married only twice. Besides Amber Heard, Lori Anne Allison was the lucky girl whom Johnny married for the first time. The two exchanged vows in 1983 at a very young age. Johnny Depp was five years younger than Allison when he got married. According to the reports, Allison and Johnny filed for divorce in 1985 and separated. 

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Sherilyn Fenn 

The next stop in Johnny Depp’s dating history list is Sherilyn Fenn. It was 1985 when the two met for the first time. According to the hearsay, after dating for two years, both decided to take their relationship to the next level and got engaged in 1987. But their love life could not last long, and both parted ways in 1989. 

dating history of johnny depp

Jennifer Grey 

Coming to the next love interest of Johnny Depp, Jennifer Grey. According to the hearsay, Johnny Depp proposed to Jennifer Grey just after 14-15 days when he first met her. 

jennifer grey and johnny depp

Winona Ryder

How can we forget the name of Winona Ryder when talking about Johnny Depp’s dating history? It did not take long for Johnny Depp to fall head over heels for the beauty Winona Ryder. You can guess how madly Johnny was in love with Winona as he went for a tattoo on his hand with the name Winona. The two dated each other for four years, from 1989 to 1993. 

johnny Depp and winona ryder

Kate Moss

When Kate Moss appeared in the court as a witness from Johnny’s side, we reminisced how adorable Johnny and Kate looked together when they dated. If you are curious to know how these two met for the first time, then let us take you back to the 90s, when Johnny shared glances with gorgeous Kate Moss in 1994. The two dated for four years, from 1994 to 1998. Also, Kate Moss has talked openly about how painful her breakup with Johnny Depp was, and it took her a long time to move on. 

johnny dep kate moss

Vanessa Paradis 

Next on the list of Johnny Depp’s dating history is the singer Vanessa Paradis. Johnny and Vanessa started seeing each other right after his breakup of Johnny with Kate. The ex-couple is a doting parent to Lily Rose(born in 1999) and Jack (born in 2002). However, the couple never married and decided to call it to quit in 2012. 

johnny Depp dating history

Amber Heard 

Now this name does not need an introduction. We will not also waste time telling you what happened during the court. So, let us hop on to the time when these two first met with each other. It was the year 2009 when Johnny and Amber heard shared screens for the first time in ‘Rum Diaries”. But after two years, the entertainment industry got rife with speculations about the two seeing each other. Both exchanged vows in a hush-hush affair in 2015. However, their marital life couldn’t last long, and they decided to part ways in 2016.

johnny depp and amber heard

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