DCEU Was Holding So Much Since Very Long!


DC Extended Universe is an American fictional world and an extremely successful media franchise. Based on the comics by DC, DCEU generates content revolving around superheroes and villains. The famous Warner Bros. Pictures distribute these films. They also work on producing novels, short films, etc. It is a fact that they have made some of the most profitable and beloved movies of all time, like Batman, Superman, Justice League, and Joker. They have always been the main competitors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sources have revealed how DCEU has planned a lot of new big releases that will surely blow up. The DC Extended Universe has big plans for the latter half of 2022 and the upcoming year, 2023. DCEU is set to expand significantly by these releases. Although there is not much clarity or details about these new releases, DCEU has revealed how there will be unexpected appearances by multiple major DC characters in future movies.


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DCEU Plans!

DC fans have been complaining about how not much has been revealed regarding the future of DCEU. Unlike MCU, DC Extended Universe did not talk much about where they are headed in the recently held San Diego Comic-Con 2022. This event allows many media franchises to break the news about their upcoming projects. And that is what MCU did. MCU shed light on their phase 4 and phase 5 releases, letting their fans know exactly what to expect. This created excitement and anticipation in the air among Marvel fans as Marvel Studios introduced them to over ten new future releases.

DC enthusiasts were disappointed as DCEU did not use this event or its platform to reveal more about their big projects and upcoming plans. DCEU promoted no movie or series. People were confused about why they chose this approach and did not reveal any plans. Although, fans have collected some information even if DCEU did not promote it. Continue reading to find it out.

DCEU’s upcoming big projects

We’ve got you covered if you want to know what to expect from DCEU! Black Adam and the Shazam 2 trailer are available by the end of 2022. Sources have revealed how one of DC’s most powerful villains in Black Adam will be introduced. The Flash or Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be DCEU’s biggest releases in 2023. These two movies and their characters have always been a hit, and the audience loves them. That is why people criticized DC for not promoting them at the event.

The flash

The Flash is also ready to shake up the franchise in 2023. Test screenings and various audience polls have revealed how The Flash is easily one of the most anticipated movies by DC. That is not it. We will also be introduced to Batgirl and Blue Beetle in 2023. Because of these big releases, there have been talks about how DCEU may successfully beat its biggest rival, MCU, in 2023.


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