5 Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked

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Choosing the best episodes from a show like The Office is tough. It is a wholesome and witty show that never fails to bring a smile to the viewer’s face. Each episode brings something fun and interesting to the table. But, after a lot of polls and research, we bring you The Office’s best episodes. Before we reveal these episodes, let’s discuss what the show is all about. The Office is an American sitcom aired on NBC from 2005 to 2013. This show has a large fanbase as, throughout the years, it has won many hearts. The storyline is simple and nothing out of the box, but its simplicity makes it such a fun watch. It depicts the everyday lives of ordinary people in their Offices.

The characters, made to be the employees of a paper company called Dunder Mifflin, are being filmed daily for a project. And that is all that the storyline is- capturing people daily as they go to work. This sounds like a mediocre story without an edge or a plot, but it’s not even close to being mediocre. Once you watch the show, there is no going back. The show will introduce you to versatile characters, each having their identity in the show. Keep reading to know the best episodes of The Office.

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Best Episodes Of The Office Ranked

5. Niagara

It is a part 2 episode in the sixth season. In this, the main leads, Jim and Pam, finally get married. The show has slowly built the couple’s relationship beautifully. The Office fans have often revealed how they want a love like theirs. So, when they finally tie the knot in this episode, it turns out to be a huge episode in the show.

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4. Casino Night

This episode was the second season finale. It has often been called one of the most important episodes in the show. Fans have often talked about how the show starts picking up its pace after this episode. It was a happening episode when the Office hosted a casino night. Jim finally confesses to liking Pam, and they have their first ever kiss, Michael gets stuck in a love triangle, and Creed cheats.

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3. The Dundies

The dundies is a classic episode. It was the second season’s first episode, where Michael hosted an award show for all his employees. The awards were called the dundies. This was built to be an office tradition throughout all the seasons.

Dundies the office

2. Finale

In all honesty, the show’s last couple of seasons and episodes aren’t that good. After Steve Carell leaves the show, it becomes a decent show from being the best. But the series finale is when things take a sharp turn. It is an excellent way to bid farewell to all the characters and the show. Michael makes an appearance again, Dwight gets married, and something is going on with every character. It is emotional and yet hilarious.


1. Dinner Party

A dinner party is the 13th episode of the fourth season. It is one of the most uncomfortable and dark episodes in the snow, which makes it the best. Michael and Jan invite everyone from the Office for dinner at their place and tune into it to watch what happens next. You won’t regret it.

dinner party

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