Neil Gaiman Best Works Ranked


It is indeed tough to choose Neil Gaiman’s best works, and there is no doubt about it. Well, You will know why once you get to know him. Neil Gaiman is an English author. He is known for writing comic books, short fiction, novels, and even films. He is extremely talented and has many awards and titles added to his name. Hugo, Bram Stoker, and Nebula awards are some of the awards he has won over the years. For his work, The Graveyard Book, the author won the Newbery and the Carnegie medals. This was a first for any author because no one had ever won these medals for the same work. His book,  The Ocean at the End of the Lane, was voted the book of the year in the British National Book Awards.

Neil belongs to a Polish-Jewish family and has his roots in other Eastern European Jewish origins. His great grandfather was the one who emigrated from Belgium to the UK. He moved from one place to another throughout his childhood, but that did not affect his intellect. Sources have revealed that Gaiman was a very bright student of his time. He could read when he was just a 4-year-old boy. He has often talked about how much he loves reading and writing and how it’s his escape from the world. Continue reading to know Neil Gaiman’s best works.

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Neil Gaiman’s best works ranked

5. American Gods

This series has been critically acclaimed by many. Bryan Fuller brought his brilliant and dynamic visuals to the story of Neil Gaiman and gave it even more life. The second season is not as good as the first one, but the goodness of the first season balances it out. Ricky Whittle has starred as the Shadow Moon. The story revolves around a former convict hired by an extremely mysterious man to be his bodyguard and driver.


4. Stardust

Released in 1997, the story is one of the most wholesome stories ever to exist. Neil wrote this fantasy novel which focused on an ordinary man who was set on a mission to bring back a falling star from the galaxy for the love of his life. He tries to capture it in every way possible. He does end up capturing the star, only to find the star has been a beautiful woman all along.

neil gaiman stardust

3. Good Omens

This was a personal project which turned out to be extremely successful. Neil had promised his friend Terry Pratchett that he would work on this project for her and would do it the right way. It was co-written by his friend and has turned out to be one of his best works. The story revolves around an angel and a demon who make a pact to stop the apocalypse because they like living on the planet earth.

Good omens

2. Lucifer

Lucifer, one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe, was created by Neil Gaiman. A successful series has also been adapted from his work, where Mike Carey picked Lucifer up from hell and put him in the city of Los Angeles.


1. Coraline

The best movie based on the work of Neil Gaiman is undoubtedly this animated Laika film called Coraline. Gaiman wrote this as one of his fantasy novels for children. The story is so unique, with an emotional touch to it. It shows a young girl who finds a door in her new house, which leads to a different world comprising the duplicates of her parents.



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