The Eiger Sanction Filming Location

The Eiger Sanction

Here is all about The Eiger Sanction filming location. The movie’s plot revolves around the professor of art history, who is also a mountain climber and a former murderer. He was forced to make one more kill after many years of leaving it. He was told to do a sanction which is another word for murder. To do this, he teams up with the climbing team based in Switzerland.

Robert Daley produced the Eiger Sanction. Other executive producers are Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown. The cast of this film is also amazing. The film starred George Kennedy, Jack Cassidy, and Vonetta McGee. The photography of the film took place in Switzerland and Zurich. Let’s get started without waiting further.

The Eiger Sanction Plot

Eastwood, played by Jonathan Hemlock, used to be a government assassin. He was forced to murder one more time after leaving it years ago. He was told to two more sanctions. Sanction is the euphemism for murder. However, Hemlock sees an amazing collection of 21 rare paintings for which he paid handsomely, even if the pictures have few minor defects. Dragon, played by Thayer David, a director of C2, was kept alive with the help of blood transfusions. He was taken to a semi-darkness area.

Moreover, Hemlock decides to go to Switzerland, accompanying Bowman. They join their climbing group at the Hotel Bellevue. Bowman starts to hobble. Then Hemlock protects him by cutting his rope. Then, he drags Bowman to the tunnel for his safety. However, Bowman discloses that he was connected with Miles Mellough. He was connected to him because he owed him for helping his daughter in trouble. When Bowman departs, Hemlock wonders if Dragon was correct about what he said or not.

The Eiger Sanction

The Eiger Sanction Filming Location

This amazing film was shot in Switzerland. The location in Switzerland where this film was shot is Eiger Mountain and Zurich. The film was shot for almost five weeks. Other than shooting, there was photography too. It took place in Zion National Park. Other locations were California, American Southwest, Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, etc. The film’s shooting began on August 12, 1974. The film’s shooting was tough as it had to take shots at 3967m of elevation. There is a group of mountain climbers from Germany, The United States, Canada, etc.

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More than forty climbers died while climbing the mountain. It was a very difficult task for Eastwood to climb that mountain. He even fell and had a major injury. He took almost five weeks to complete the practice of climbing. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, book it for your weekend binge-watching.

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