Where Was Hot Fuzz Filmed?

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Hot Fuzz is a very famous action comedy movie directed by Edgar Wright, which was released in the year 2007. The movie was written by Simon Pegg, starring himself, Nick Frost, Jim Broadbent, and Timothy Dalton. The movie’s plot revolves around two police officers who were chosen to investigate the continuous deaths in a West Country village. Hot Fuzz is part of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. The other parts of this trilogy are “Shaun of the Dead,” released in 2004. The other is “The World’s End” in 2013. In this article, we will reveal Hot Fuzz’s filming location.

The Plot of Hot Buzz

Hot Fuzz is the fan favorite. The reason that millions of people adore the movie is because of its amazing storyline and plot. Let’s take a look at Hot Fuzz’s plot. Nicholas Angel, played by Simon Pegg, is one of the top police officers of London. He has an arrest record of almost 500%. He is so dedicated to the work that he has devoted all his life to this. All of the other police officers are jealous of him. So, they plan to send Nicholas to a place where there is not a single criminal record. The place is Sandford. There, he gets paired up with his total opposite, police officer Danny Butterman played by Nick Frost. Danny is a big fan of action films and wanted his real life to become like that.

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As soon as he sees Nicholas, he believes he has found his partner for experiencing all the actions in real life. Nicholas sees Danny as a child and fades away his hopes of Danny living in his fantasies. When he sees Sanford deeply, he realizes that the place is nothing like everyone expects it to be. He thinks that Danny’s dreams of action and thrill will be fulfilled. It is time for both the police officers to create some action-packed scenes and give their audience all the thrill and hype.

Hot Fuzz

Hot Buzz Filming Locations

The makers of the movie started searching for the perfect filming location for the film. As Simon Pegg and Wright were brought up in the West Country, they chose it. The West Country seemed perfect for the theme of the movie. However, to create Cathedral city, Wells Cathedral was digitally painted. In some scenes of the movie, we can see Bishop’s Palace. Hendon Police College was also part of the filming locations.

Other locations include Metropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre, Mill Hill, and many more. The final shooting of the movie was done in Waverley Abbey. However, the shooting of the movie lasted more than 11 weeks. Moreover, Simon and Nick were mistaken for the police officers by the residents of that area.

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