Top Fun Facts You Need To Know About Gmail

Gmail is one of the most used apps in the world. It is a free service provided by Google to send emails. In 2019, it was estimated that 1.5 billion users use Gmail worldwide. Most of the time,  the user accesses Gmail in a web browser or mainly through a mobile app. Apart from this, Google also accepts POP and IMAP protocols. In the year 2004, Gmail was launched. At that time, Google did the impossible to provide its users with 1 GB of storage capacity. It was way more than the storage capacities offered by other competitors. Now, Gmail provides a total of 15 GB storage capacity. Users have a limit of 50 MB to send mail, including attachments. If you want to send mail larger than 50 MB, you must add files via Google Drive. In this article, we will tell you fun facts about Gmail.

In the year 2017, Google announced that Gmail content, especially for advertising purposes, would come to an end from now onwards. Now, it will rely on the data taken from other services.

Here are Some Fun Facts About Gmail

1 GB Storage was Impossible for Gmail During Its Launch

When Gmail was launched in the year 2004, it offered 1 GB of cloud storage in it. This offering was 500 times more than what the Gmail competitors offered to its users at that particular time. But, there is nothing impossible for Google. It continued to offer more and more amount of storage space. Till now, Gmail has provided 15 GB of storage space to its users.


Few Employees During Its Launch

Paul Buchheit is the founder of Gmail. He started working on the Gmail project in the year 2001. When Google was launched in the year 2004, only a few employees were working on the project, including Paul. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, was thinking of the Gmail Project as a joke. Now, this joke is the greatest thing Google provided to its users. Paul worked in Google till the year 2006. After that, he opened his own startup “Friends Feed.”

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1.5 Billion Users

Gmail would not have become accessible to its users unless Paul had lost hope after many claimed it to be a waste of time. Also, Larry Page and Sergey Brin supported Paul in this impossible mission. After launching, the service became one of the most used email services in the world. It now has more than 1.5 billion users today. Everyone who was part of this project worked hard to make Gmail possible. Gmail also transformed as a platform. Now, it has many features and a clear material design.

Gmail facts

Artificial Intelligence

From time to time, Google upgrades the features on Gmail. It has various features, such as the reply feature. These features make users edit or draft the responses to emails. AI also helps you to block spam messages. It was revealed that Google could block more than 100 million spam with the help of only its machine algorithm.

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