Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 11 Release Date

Animal Kingdom Season 6 episode 11

Animal Kingdom is a famous American drama television series created by Jonathan Lisco. This drama series is inspired by the movie that came out in 2010 with the same name. David Michod created the movie. The producers of the movie are David Michod and Liz Watts. Janine, the lead character of the drama series, was played by Ellen Barkin. Jacki Weaver played the same character in the year 2010. The series was started in the year 2016. On June 19, 2022, the drama series surprised fans with the sixth season. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 11 release date and what to expect. So, without waiting further, let’s get started.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 11

The Animal Kingdom’s season 6 was released on Netflix on June 19, 2022. Episode 11 of season 6 has been released today i.e., August 15, 2022. Apart from Netflix, you can watch this drama series on ET at 8 pm.

Talking about the previous episode, the title of episode 10 is “Clink.” It was directed by Shaz Bennett, whereas it was written by Shukree Hassan Tilghman. Season 6 Episode 10 was released on August 7. The episode starts with the Pope in a tragic condition. He was behind bars. But, his support Cody was making every effort to protect him.

Moreover, the tragic moments didn’t end, and Pope got stabbed in the stomach. The stabber was a member of some gang that was related to the Trujillos. Pope decided to take revenge by going into a confinement area. Pope took a wise decision by not revealing the stabber as it would put Lena or Amy in danger.

The Cast of Animal Kingdom

The Cast of Animal Kingdom is full of talented and amazing people. Starting with the lead character of the drama series Janine or Cody, played by Ellen Barkin. Cody is a strong girl who is bold enough to run a criminal enterprise. She is very protective of her friends and family. In the scenes of childhood, Leila George played the Young Janine. Moreover, Barry Blackwell, who is the adopted son of Cody, is played by none other than Scott Speedman. He became curious about Cody’s family business.

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Animal Kingdom

Furthermore, Andrew, aka Pope is the oldest son of Cody. He has a mental illness and OCD. He has been suffering from this condition for a long time. He spent three years of his life in Folsom State Prison. Afterward, he returns to the Cody family. Also, Ben Robson is playing the role of Craig Cody. Craig is the middle son of Cody. He is the victim of drugs. He is the party animal and the enjoyer of doing all the criminal activities. Lastly, Deran Cody is the youngest son of Cody. He is gay and the owner of a bar. He does not like to be called a member of Cody’s family, hence, he stays away from him. Jake Weary plays Deren Cody.

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