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AEW Alum Brian Pillman Jr’s WWE Transformation Continues

WWE and AEW (Via WWE/Twitter)

Brian Pillman Jr’s contract with AEW expired earlier this year, and he made his way to the WWE Performance Center, eventually establishing himself as a star in NXT under the new moniker Lexis King. As he continues to evolve as a character, he has undergone a significant transformation, both in his appearance and attitude. Lexis King has adopted a new look, which has led to him being the subject of ridicule from fans and fellow wrestlers.

However, Lexis King did not let the criticism get to him and has instead taken steps to distance himself from the “Registered Lex Offenders” nickname that fans had adopted for him. Instead, he has opted for a new nickname for his fans, which he has yet to reveal. The NXT star recently participated in the Men’s Breakout Tournament, where he defeated Dion Lennox and advanced to the next round.

WWE NXT (Via WWE/Twitter)

Before the match, the WWE on TNT Sports Twitter handle shared a GIF of King dubbed with the nickname “The DRAMA KING”. This prompted a reaction from former WWE Superstar Aiden English, who jokingly asked for an explanation of the new nickname. In a sarcastic tone, English said, “…pardon?” Aiden English, who worked in WWE from 2012 to 2020, was previously known as “The Drama King” himself, which may have led to the joke.

As Lexis King continues to be booked in WWE, it is yet to be seen how his character will develop further. Will he continue to be touted as a drama-filled wrestler, or will he find a new direction? Only time will tell.

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