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Rudy Giuliani was involved in legal proceedings in Arizona regarding a scheme involving fake electors aimed at overturning Trump’s loss to Biden in the 2020 election

Trump with his supporters (Via Frank Boult/Shutterstock)

Rudy Giuliani, who served as mayor of New York City and as an attorney for Donald Trump, was formally processed on Monday as part of a criminal case involving attempts to overturn Trump’s election loss in Arizona to Joe Biden, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office released Giuliani’s mug shot but did not provide further details. The Clerk of the Superior Court for Maricopa County confirmed Giuliani posted a $10,000 cash bond.

Giuliani’s spokesperson, Ted Goodman, stated, “Mayor Rudy Giuliani — known as one of the most effective federal prosecutors in U.S. history — believes he will be proven innocent.” Goodman added, “This case reflects a pattern of using the justice system for political gain by attacking President Trump and those challenging Washington’s entrenched political class.”

Rudy Giuliani (Via Benjamin Walsh/Shutterstock)

Giuliani had previously pleaded not guilty in May to nine felony charges related to his alleged involvement in efforts to create fake electors. He is one of 18 individuals indicted in Arizona, including Trump lawyers John Eastman, Christina Bobb, and Jenna Ellis.

Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Trump’s 2020 Election Day operations director Michael Roman also pleaded not guilty in Phoenix on Friday to nine felony charges in connection with the scheme.

The indictment alleges Meadows collaborated with other Trump campaign members to submit fake elector names from Arizona and other states to Congress, aiming to keep Trump in office despite his loss in November 2020.

Similar charges have been filed in Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia related to the fake electors scheme in those states.

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