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AEW Star Brandi Rhodes Claps Back at Fan’s WWE Claim

Brandi Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

Brandi Rhodes, a former All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star, has been the center of controversy in the pro wrestling world due to her divisive image and online presence. Despite being a devoted mother, Rhodes has faced criticism for not letting her personal life overshadow her other endeavors. Since leaving AEW, Rhodes has been largely absent from the ring, leading some fans to wonder if she will ever return to professional wrestling. During her time in WWE, Rhodes worked as a ring announcer and backstage interviewer, but her husband, Cody Rhodes, was the one who gained more recognition.

In a recent exchange, a fan suggested that Rhodes was rejecting an idea to participate in a mixed tag team match because WWE wouldn’t allow her to perform on television. Rhodes responded promptly, reminding the fan that she had appeared on WWE television for many years prior to AEW’s inception. She also jokingly suggested that the fan shouldn’t tweet at all. Rhodes further confirmed her in-ring retirement, stating that her happiness with her life is all that matters. Many fans have speculated that Rhodes has faced a significant amount of unnecessary hate due to her online persona and lack of involvement in the professional wrestling scene.

Brandi Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

Despite her retirement from in-ring action, Rhodes remains a topic of discussion among fans. This recent exchange highlights her confrontational online presence, which has not always been well-received. However, as an individual, Rhodes seems content with her life choices and priorities, which may be the most important thing. Her experiences in both AEW and WWE have undoubtedly shaped her perspective, and she has become a polarizing figure in pro wrestling.

In the end, whether or not Rhodes deserves the hate she receives is a matter of personal opinion. Some fans may view her as arrogant or unprofessional due to her online outbursts, while others may see her as a true competitor who can speak her mind. Regardless, Brandi Rhodes has become an integral part of the professional wrestling terrain, and her legacy will continue to influence the sport for years to come.

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