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Bad Bunny’s WWE Debut as Host of Backlash in Puerto Rico

WWE Show (Via WWE/Twitter)

Bad Bunny, the multi-talented artist, has recently received an offer to host WWE’s Backlash premium live event in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This event is set to take place outside the United States for the first time since the New Year’s Revolution in January 2005. Puerto Rican fans have been waiting a long time for this opportunity, and WWE has decided to give them a treat by hosting the go-home SmackDown at the same venue. The events were promoted on WWE’s official Twitter handle, where the Backlash poster featuring Bad Bunny was shared.

Charlotte Flair was quick to respond to the tweet, offering her tag team partner services to Bad Bunny if he needs them. This has sparked excitement among fans, who are looking forward to seeing how Bad Bunny will fare as the host of Backlash this year. As a WWE Superstar, Bad Bunny has already shown his skills in the ring, and fans are curious to see how he will handle the hosting duties.

Bad Bunny’s involvement in Backlash makes it more interesting for fans, as they are eager to see how he will interact with the wrestlers and add his own flair to the event. As an artist, Bad Bunny is known for his energetic performances, and fans are hoping that he will bring the same level of enthusiasm to the event. His music and style are also expected to bring a unique energy to the event, making it a memorable experience for the audience.

Charlotte Flair (Via WWE/Twitter)

The fact that Bad Bunny is hosting Backlash in his hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico, makes the event even more special. The island has a rich wrestling history, and this event is expected to be a celebration of that heritage. The fans in Puerto Rico are expected to be ecstatic to see Bad Bunny, their local hero, take center stage as the host of the event.

Bad Bunny’s involvement in Backlash is generating a lot of excitement among fans. His unique energy and charisma are expected to bring a new level of enthusiasm to the event, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved. As the host of Backlash, Bad Bunny has the opportunity to make a lasting impression on the WWE universe, and fans are eager to see what he has in store for them.

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