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Cody Rhodes: Wrestling’s Masterful Balance of Action and Storytelling

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

The WWE has a long history of producing memorable promos, and their recent segment between Paul Heyman and Cody Rhodes on RAW is a prime example of their ability to balance physicality and storytelling. The promo, which saw the two men trading verbal jabs and subtle gestures, was a masterclass in building tension and bringing the ongoing storyline to a boiling point. According to sources, Michael Hayes was responsible for producing the physicality between the two men, while Cody Rhodes came up with his own words for the segment.

What’s noteworthy about this promo is the collaboration between the producers and writers involved. It’s a rare occurrence in WWE’s production of promos for the physicality and words to be handled by different teams. Cody Rhodes, a former WWE writer himself, likely brought a unique perspective to the promo, allowing him to craft his words with precision and intent. Paul Heyman, on the other hand, is a veteran of the WWE ring and brought his own expertise to the table.

One of the most striking aspects of the promo was the subtle gestures between the two men. A former WWE writer, Freddie Prinze Jr., pointed out on his podcast that these small moments could have planted the seeds for something down the line, potentially even a heel turn for Cody Rhodes. The ongoing storyline has many miles left to develop, and the complexity of WWE’s storytelling is often underestimated.

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

A source close to the creative team emphasized that Cody Rhodes was responsible for what he wanted to say during the promo, and that Paul Heyman put together his own words. The promo was a collaborative effort that required the work of many minds to execute effectively. It’s clear that WWE has the right people in the right roles to bring this story to life.

The recent promo between Paul Heyman and Cody Rhodes on RAW is a testament to the WWE’s dedication to crafting compelling narratives that engage fans. The company’s ability to balance physicality and storytelling is a major factor in their success, and this promo is a prime example of their masterful storytelling abilities.

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