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Cora Jade’s Sudden Departure from NXT Causes Concern

CM Punk and Cora Jade (Via WWE/Twitter)

Cora Jade, a wrestler with a reputation for delivering impressive performances, has been making waves in the NXT women’s division. However, her recent actions have left fans wondering about her future in the developmental brand. First, she failed to appear at the NXT Great American Bash Premium Live Event, sparking speculation about her absence. Jade then expressed her discontent on social media, complaining about not being part of the event.

In a surprising move, Cora Jade deleted her Twitter account, heightening fans’ concerns about her future in NXT. Fans began to speculate about the reasons behind her disappearance from social media, with some speculating about potential drama or storyline issues. However, Jade eventually addressed the issue, revealing that her recent loss to Dana Brooke in a Kendo Stick match had taken a toll on her.

Cora Jade (Via WWE/Twitter)

Jade’s instagram story featured a black screen with a goodbye emoji, seemingly confirming her departure from NXT. While fans are left to speculate about her future plans, Cora Jade’s move raises questions about her potential destination. Could she be heading to the main roster, or is this simply an elaborate storyline that will see her become the NXT Women’s Champion?

Fans are left to ponder Cora Jade’s next move, with some believing she is leaving NXT for good. The ambiguity surrounding her departure has sparked a wave of speculation, with some fans hoping she will make a successful transition to the main roster. Only time will tell if Cora Jade’s sudden departure from NXT marks the end of a successful chapter or an elaborate storyline that will continue to unfold in the coming weeks.

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