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Dijak’s Dark Christmas Gift Ideas for Eddy Thorpe’s Niece

Dijak (Via WWE/Twitter)

As Christmas Day approaches, many are exchanging gifts and spreading holiday cheer. However, Dijak has a different plan in mind. The wrestler recently took to Twitter to wish everyone a merry Christmas, excluding Eddy Thorpe’s niece. His reason for doing so was due to a traumatic experience she had during an NXT match between Dijak and Thorpe. The niece, Kiyoko, was in attendance and was left in tears after witnessing her uncle’s defeat at the hands of Dijak.

Dijak’s post was a peculiar one, stating that he intends to gift Kiyoko the shattered dreams of her uncle instead of traditional holiday gifts. He even went so far as to imply that she would receive a defeated and destroyed Eddy Thorpe on the next episode of NXT. Dijak’s cruel message has sparked a mixture of reactions, with some fans defending his actions and others condemning his behavior.

WWE NXT (Via WWE/Twitter)

It’s clear that Dijak’s post was intended to be provocative and attention-grabbing, but it’s hard to stomach the idea of taunting a young girl on Christmas Day. WWE is often praised for creating memorable moments, but in this case, Dijak’s actions have overshadowed the holiday spirit.

As the wrestling world reacts to Dijak’s post, it remains to be seen how Kiyoko will cope with the trauma she experienced at the hands of Dijak. Will she be able to shake off the negativity and enjoy the holiday season, or will Dijak’s words continue to haunt her? Only time will tell.

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