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Dillon Danis’ Social Media Spree Continues to Stir Up Controversy

Vince McMahon and Logan Paul (Via WWE/Twitter)

Dillon Danis, the opponent of Logan Paul, has been steadily fueling the fire in their upcoming fight by making some shocking claims on social media. Danis started by posting a photo of Logan Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, kissing someone who wasn’t the Maverick, implying a cheating scandal. Danis also alleged that Logan Paul sent him a legal letter over the incident, which Logan Paul denied, calling everything Danis said a lie. Despite Logan Paul’s denial, Danis showed no signs of backing down.

Danis took to Twitter, posting a cryptic and menacing tweet, claiming to have another picture of Nina Agdal that is “insane” and would get the entire boxing event cancelled. He stated that he has photographic evidence that could get a lot of people in trouble, and that if he were to release this picture, it would not only break up Logan Paul and Nina Agdal’s engagement but also put Danis in danger. He tweeted, “If I dropped this pic, it would end the fight, end his engagement, and I might even find myself in jail.”

Logan Paul (Via WWE/Twitter)

Danis continued to take aim at Logan Paul, claiming that he has not defended his girlfriend even once, except for trying to get Danis’ account deleted and sending him a cease and desist letter. Danis also mocked Logan Paul’s decision to decline his offer to appear on his show, Impulsive, to discuss the alleged affair. Instead of responding to Danis’ personal attacks, Logan Paul chose to defend himself against Danis’ steroid claims.

The drama between Danis and Logan Paul is unlikely to die down anytime soon, with the two set to face off in the ring on October 14th in Manchester. The fight is expected to be a major event, with Tommy Fury and KSI also scheduled to fight on the same card. As Danis continues to make shocking claims and accusations, fans are left wondering what other secrets he might be hiding.

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