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Ex-Wife’s Banishment Adds Twist to Batista’s Rise to Stardom

Batista and Melina (Via WWE/Twitter)

in professional wrestling, Batista has unquestionably become a household name. His transition from professional wrestling to Hollywood stardom has been nothing short of remarkable. However, a fascinating chapter in his past has recently been uncovered, revealing that his ex-wife, Angie, was banned from attending WWE shows during his early days in the organization.

An intriguing story emerged on a podcast hosted by Rene Dupree, with wrestling veteran Kenny Bolin sharing his experiences in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling). According to Bolin, Batista had to perform heel character roles, and Jimmy Cornette, the booker at the time, disliked the prospect of his top talent receiving cheers from the audience. To counteract this, Batista’s ex-wife, Angie, was banned from OVW shows because she was allegedly cheering for the heel.

Booker T and Batista (Via WWE/Twitter)

This revelation sheds new light on Batista’s early days in the wrestling industry. Batista married Angie in 1998 and had a son together, Oliver. During his time in OVW, Bolin revealed that he had to be threatened by Batista himself over hitting on Angie while they were still married. The couple eventually parted ways in 2006, bringing an end to their nearly eight-year marriage.

Bolin’s decision to ban Angie from OVW shows may seem extreme, but it was likely a strategic move to maintain the narrative for Batista’s character. Nevertheless, the story raises interesting questions about the role of a wrestler’s personal life in the professional arena. Was Bolin’s decision justified, or did it cross a line? Opinions are sure to vary.

It is now clear that Batista’s rise to stardom was not without its challenges, both in and out of the ring. Despite the obstacles, he has managed to forge a highly successful career, earning a 6-time World champion title and an upcoming induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. As for Angie, her banishment from OVW shows undoubtedly adds an intriguing chapter to the story of Batista’s life, both on and off the mat.

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