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Frustration with WWE’s Mismanagement of Matt Riddle’s Career Evident

Vince Russo and Damage CTRL (Via WWE/Twitter)

Vince Russo, a former WWE writer, has recently expressed his deep dissatisfaction with WWE’s handling of Matt Riddle’s career, stating that the company failed to capitalize on his unique personality and athleticism. Russo believes that WWE had no idea how to book Riddle, resulting in him being relegated to the fringes of the company. According to Russo, Riddle had a natural “it” factor, but was never given the opportunity to showcase his talents to their full potential.

Riddle’s time in WWE was marked by controversy and disappointment, and it’s clear that his departure was a result of WWE’s mismanagement. Despite his natural charisma and athleticism, Riddle was never given the chance to be a mainstay of the roster. Instead, he was often involved in backstage heat, including multiple incidents that led to physical altercations, such as the one at JKF Airport that left him “heavily intoxicated”.

Vince Russo and Bray Wyatt (Via WWE/Twitter)

Russo’s criticisms of WWE’s booking of Riddle are particularly damaging, as they suggest that the company did not provide Riddle with the opportunities he needed to succeed. His comments have sparked a renewed debate about WWE’s handling of their talent, and it’s clear that Riddle’s departure was a missed opportunity for the company to showcase a talented performer.

Despite the controversies surrounding his departure, Russo remains optimistic about Riddle’s future, stating that he hopes Riddle learns from his experiences. Riddle has since announced plans to launch his own cannabis strain, which may potentially signal a new chapter in his career. Whatever the future holds, it’s clear that Riddle’s time in WWE was marked by frustration and disappointment, and that WWE’s mismanagement was a major contributing factor.

Russo’s comments highlight the importance of effective booking and management in professional wrestling, and suggest that WWE may have missed an opportunity to create a star with Riddle. Despite his natural abilities, Riddle was never given the chance to thrive in the company, and his departure has left fans wondering what could have been. Ultimately, Riddle’s story serves as a reminder that even the most talented performers can fall victim to poor management and misbooking.

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