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Injuries Bind WWE Superstars in Unspoken Bond

Big E of The New Day (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE Superstars are no strangers to sacrificing their bodies for the sake of entertainment. While some injuries may be minor and temporary, others can be career-ending or even life-altering. For those who suffer from neck injuries, it becomes a shared experience that cements their bond with others who have gone through similar ordeals. Big E, a WWE Superstar, suffered a devastating neck injury during an episode of SmackDown in March 2021, leaving fans eager to see his return to the ring. However, he has not made a comeback since the incident.

Tyson Kidd, another WWE Superstar, knows firsthand the pain and frustration of a neck injury. He suffered a broken neck during a match against Samoa Joe in 2015, which brought an abrupt end to his professional wrestling career. In a recent interview on McGuire On Wrestling, Kidd opened up about being part of an “exclusive club” that includes wrestling icons Edge and Steve Austin. All three individuals were forced to retire due to career-ending neck injuries, leaving an indelible mark on their legacies.

Big E of The New Day (Via WWE/Twitter)

Kidd recalled that when he first suffered his injury, Edge and Steve Austin were among the first people to reach out and offer support. “When you enter that very exclusive club, we kind of all come together,” Kidd said. “When I got hurt, one of the first people to reach out was Edge, and we had a great talk. And another guy… he’s become, I would consider him a friend, is Steve Austin. These are people that reached out when I hurt my neck.”

However, Kidd sadly confirmed that his career in the ring is over. Big E, on the other hand, did not require surgery over his broken neck and has not taken a bump on WWE television since the incident. Despite not being inserted in any televised storylines, Big E continues to help WWE as an internal scout for their NIL recruiting sessions.

The unspoken bond between these WWE Superstars serves as a reminder of the fragility of their craft. Injuries, particularly those to the neck, can be devastating and often irreversible. While fans eagerly await the returns of Big E and other injured Superstars, it is equally important to acknowledge the unwavering support and camaraderie among those who have suffered similar fates. What is your take on this injury story? Sound off in the comments!

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