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Kurt Angle Sees Potential in Underutilized Austin Theory

Kurt Angle (Via WWE/Twitter)

Kurt Angle, a man of many talents and a WWE Hall of Famer, has recently expressed his thoughts on Austin Theory’s utilization in the WWE. In an interview with Bill Apter, Angle praised Theory, citing his similarities to himself when he was active in the squared circle. According to Angle, Theory reminds him of himself because of his exceptional athletic ability and impressive skillset. Angle believes that Theory has everything it takes to become a successful WWE superstar, and he understands why Vince McMahon, his former mentor, held him in such high regard.

Angle notes that Theory has not been utilized to his full potential since Vince McMahon’s retirement as chairman of the WWE. However, Angle believes that Theory possesses all the necessary qualities to succeed in the wrestling world, including his physical appearance, speaking abilities, and wrestling skills. Angle fondly remembers how Vince initially trained Theory, just as he did Angle during his own early days in the WWE. Angle is confident that Theory will eventually become a dominant force in the WWE.

Kurt Angle and Austin Theory (Via WWE/Twitter)

The recent reports that Austin Theory is in better shape than ever, having won the US Title and maintaining a prominent role on WWE RAW, seem to contradict Angle’s concerns about his utilization in the WWE. As a result, Angle’s doubts about Theory’s future may be unwarranted. Nonetheless, Angle’s praise for Theory is a testament to the young wrestler’s talent and potential.

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