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Lacey Evans: Wrestling Icon’s Unexpected Response to Admirer’s Career Inquiry

Billy Graham (Via WWE/Twitter)

Lacey Evans, a former Marine Corps officer turned professional wrestler, has been a fixture on WWE programming for quite some time. Recently, a fan seeking advice on joining the Marines reached out to Evans, expecting words of wisdom from someone who has walked the same path. Instead, she received an unexpected jab from the wrestling veteran. The fan, looking to follow in Evans’ footsteps, asked for advice on Twitter, stating, “I’m thinking about joining the navy Ik you were in a different branch but what advice would you give me?”

Evans, however, did not provide any guidance. Instead, she took to Twitter to take a shot at the fan, claiming that the individual was unlikely to succeed in the Marines or any other field. “By the look of your profile pic and your bio, you won’t make it. McDonald’s is hiring though,” she tweeted. It remains unclear what sparked Evans’ unexpected response, but some speculate that she may have been motivated by recent hatred she has been receiving on social media.

Lacey Evans (Via WWE/Twitter)

Despite the controversy surrounding her recent tweet, Evans’ credentials are impressive. She enlisted in the Marines at the age of 19 and served as a military police officer with the Special Reaction Team during her tenure. While on active duty, she also earned a college degree and started her own construction business. Evans’ background in the Marines is intertwined with her career in professional wrestling. She was introduced to the world of wrestling by a Staff Sergeant who was a promoter on independent shows. She was booked for the second show she attended by the Sarge, which led her to become a professional wrestler.

As a top prospect in WWE’s women’s division, Evans has yet to taste major success. However, her recent emergence suggests that it may be only a matter of time before she makes a significant impact and ascends to the next level. Despite the controversy surrounding her recent tweet, Evans remains a respected figure in professional wrestling, and her Marine Corps background only adds to her credibility.

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