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Mandy Rose: Fired Wrestler Seeks to Make Up for Lost Income

Mandy Rose (Via WWE/Twitter)

Mandy Rose’s journey to becoming a successful wrestler in WWE was a long-term process, marked by her growth and self-discovery in NXT, where she even set a record as NXT Women’s Champion. However, her recent departure from the company has left fans reeling and Rose looking for alternative ways to generate income. The former WWE Superstar was released from her contract due to content she posted behind her premium content paywall, which came as a shock to many and sparked widespread outrage.

According to Dave Meltzer, Rose responded to her financial situation by increasing the price of her subscription service from $25 to $40 per month. It is unclear whether previous subscribers will be grandfathered in at the old rate, adding another layer of frustration to the situation. The decision is a clear indication that Rose is not just focused on rebuilding her brand but is also actively seeking to make up for lost income.

The circumstances surrounding Rose’s departure from WWE have been shrouded in mystery, with some reports suggesting that she requested her release from the company. While WWE has not explicitly confirmed or denied this, they have left the door open for Rose’s potential return in the future. Additionally, Impact Wrestling, another prominent professional wrestling promotion, has expressed interest in signing Rose, further cementing her status as a valuable commodity in professional wrestling.

Mandy Rose (Via WWE/Twitter)

As news of Rose’s departure and subsequent pricing hike spread, fans began to share their reactions on social media, with many expressing outrage and frustration over WWE’s handling of the situation. The controversy surrounding Rose’s release serves as a reminder of the complex and often fraught relationship between professional wrestlers and the promotions they work for. The future remains uncertain for Rose, but one thing is clear: her departure from WWE has sparked a heightened sense of scrutiny and reevaluation of the business practices of professional wrestling organizations.

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