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Mandy Rose’s WWE Career Takes a Shocking Turn

Mandy Rose (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE’s Mandy Rose was a dominant force in the NXT brand, holding the Women’s Title for over 400 days. However, her reign came to an unexpected end this week, and it wasn’t just a result of a sudden loss to Roxanne Perez. According to various sources, including Sean Sapp, Rose has been released from her contract by the company. The reason behind this decision lies in the content she was posting on her BrandArmy paywall website, which WWE officials felt was outside the parameters of her WWE deal.

Rose’s paywall website featured NSFW content, including explicit photos and videos, which fans could access for a flat fee or per item. She also offered to rate fans’ junk for an additional fee. While this arrangement had been an open secret for some time, it appears that the additional income stream caught up with her, ultimately leading to her release. WWE officials were put in a difficult position due to the nature of the content, and it’s clear that they were unwilling to compromise their moral code.

Mandy Rose (Via WWE/Twitter)8

As a result of her release, Mandy Rose will be free to post whatever content she likes online, without the constraints of her WWE contract. This leave’s fans wondering what the future holds for her and her Toxic Attraction stablemates, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. The situation is both shocking and sad, especially considering Rose’s successful run in WWE.

It’s unclear what’s next for Rose, but it’s likely that she will pursue other opportunities in professional wrestling or possibly venture into adult entertainment. One thing is certain, however, her time in WWE has come to an abrupt end due to her decision to post explicit content on her paywall website.

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