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Randy Orton’s Next Steps After Retiring from WWE

Randy Orton (Via WWE/Twitter)

Randy Orton, one of the most beloved and respected professional wrestlers in the world, is considering retirement from the WWE due to his ongoing back injury. During his 21-year run with the promotion, Orton has accomplished a great deal, and his retirement is undoubtedly a significant blow to the WWE’s roster. Despite his many accomplishments, Orton has seen his in-ring career come to a grinding halt due to his back injury, which has resisted treatment and forced him to undergo back fusion surgery.

While Orton was present at WrestleMania 39, it was not in a wrestling capacity, and he has reportedly been advised by doctors not to return to the squared circle. This has led to speculation about what Orton’s next move will be, with many believing that he should consider transitioning to a backstage role. One of those who has expressed this opinion is Teddy Long, a respected figure in the wrestling industry, who recently spoke about Orton’s situation on The Wrestling Time Machine podcast.

Long, a veteran of the wrestling business, believes that Orton would be wise to take doctors’ advice and not wrestle again, and instead, focus on mentoring young talent in NXT. Long, who himself has vast experience in professional wrestling, believes that Orton’s expertise would be invaluable to the next generation of wrestlers. According to Long, Orton’s guidance would not only benefit the young talent but also allow him to give back to the business he has given so much to over the years.

Jimmy Uso (Via WWE/Twitter)

Long’s words serve as a poignant reminder of the reality of the wrestling industry, where superstars have a limited window of opportunity to make a name for themselves. Orton, at 41, is no longer the young, brash, and agile wrestler he once was, and his body has taken a toll from years of hard-hitting in the ring. Rather than risk further injury or decline, Orton may be wise to heed the advice of the medical experts and focus on a new chapter in his career.

Regardless of what Orton ultimately decides, his legacy in the WWE is already secure, and his contributions to the industry will not soon be forgotten. For Orton, the choice is clear: either continue to wrestle, risking further injury and decline, or take a different path, one that allows him to remain involved in the industry while protecting his own well-being. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for one of the WWE’s most beloved and respected superstars.

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