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Seth Rollins: A Mount Rushmore of Pro Wrestling Fashion Icons

Seth Rollins (Via WWE/Twitter)

Seth Rollins, known for his flashy persona and elaborate looks on WWE television, recently shared his thoughts on who would make it onto his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling fashion icons. Despite being often trolled for his over-the-top fashion sense, Rollins acknowledged the ability of certain wrestlers to make a statement with their attire. When asked to name his top choices, Rollins didn’t hesitate, citing Ric Flair as his number one pick. However, he also mentioned several other wrestling legends who he believed showcased exceptional fashion sense.

Rollins noted that Flair’s iconic outfits were hard to top, but he also praised the style of other wrestling greats, including Randy Macho Man Savage, Jesse Ventura, Superstar Billy Graham, and Gorgeous George. He even jokingly mentioned that it was difficult to narrow down his choices, and that he would need to sit down and think about it further to come up with his ultimate Mount Rushmore. Despite his lack of preparedness, Rollins did emphasize that there were several wrestling personalities who were undoubtedly fashion icons.

Seth Rollins and Austin Theory (Via WWE/Twitter)

Rollins’ comments come as no surprise, given his reputation for making a statement with his attire. As the Drip God, Rollins is known for his bold fashion choices, which often leave fans talking. Now, as he prepares to face Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39, Rollins will undoubtedly be under increased scrutiny for his fashion sense. Will he choose to continue his extravagant style or tone it down for the high-stakes match? Only time will tell.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Rollins’ fashion choices, one thing is clear: his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling fashion icons is stacked with legends who knew how to make an entrance. From Flair’s flashy costumes to the rugged charm of Ventura’s one-of-a-kind style, these wrestling icons have left an indelible mark on the world of fashion. For Rollins, the real challenge will be deciding which of these fashion icons to join on his Mount Rushmore.

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