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Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley: Wrestling Outside the Script

Stephanie McMahon (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE programming is known for being tightly scripted, but there are always exceptions. One such exception was when Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley bucked the system and did a segment their own way. During a recent episode of his podcast, Foley reminisced about his time as RAW General Manager alongside Stephanie McMahon. As someone who struggled with memorized promos due to his multiple brain injuries, Foley wanted to write his own instead. He felt that by doing so, it would be more authentic and allow him to express himself better.

When Foley took over as General Manager in the fall of 2016, he noticed that no one was addressing the fact that Triple H had interfered in a match, costing a title. Foley believed that some kind of friction was necessary to create tension, so he decided to have a promo with Stephanie McMahon, his boss and Commissioner. Despite Vince McMahon’s edict that scripts needed to be followed, Foley and Stephanie went ahead and cut the promo their own way.

Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon (Via WWE/Twitter)

As they were about to do the promo, Vince McMahon seemed like he was going to disagree, but ultimately he gave the scene a watch and decided that their way was acceptable. Foley recalled that only around 10% of what he wanted from Vince materialized, but he and Stephanie were determined to have their way. The tension was palpable as they went ahead and cut the promo, but as soon as Vince saw the outcome, he nodded his head and agreed to do it their way.

Foley’s story highlights the challenges that come with scripted promos in professional wrestling. While some performers may be comfortable with memorizing lines, others may struggle with the task, making it difficult to deliver a convincing performance. In this case, Foley’s determination to have a say in his own promos paid off, and he was able to create a memorable segment.

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