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The Intertwined Careers of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn (Via WWE/Twitter)

Kevin Owens has worked tirelessly to establish himself as a dependable star in the WWE. His success in the indie circuit, particularly in Ring Of Honor, has translated to his WWE career. Owens’ career is inextricably linked with Sami Zayn, and they have been consistently paired together throughout their careers. In a recent interview on WWE After The Bell, Owens reflected on the times when Zayn would get backstage heat and how Owens would also receive heat as a result, even if he was not involved.

Owens explained that the constant pairing of themselves and Zayn in people’s minds led to a phenomenon where if Zayn got in trouble, Owens would too, regardless of his involvement. He recalled a specific incident on a Europe tour where they were both kicked off the tour for reasons he didn’t think they deserved, and he was only barely involved. The heat was directed at both of them, rather than just one. According to Owens, this aspect of their careers is finally coming to an end, as he believes it’s time for them to move on and pursue their own paths.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (Via WWE/Twitter)

Owens also expressed his admiration for Zayn’s recent success, saying that he’s always known that Zayn was capable of great things but it took people some time to recognize it. Zayn has been thriving in the WWE over the past few months, and Owens believes that it’s great to see, but he thinks it’s no longer optimal for their careers to be parallel. Owens’ own career goals include having a match against Roman Reigns in front of real fans, and now that his partnership with Zayn is no longer, he is eager to pursue new opportunities.

It’s an interesting dynamic to see the two superstars move on from their long-standing partnership, but it’s clear that Owens still holds a great deal of respect and admiration for Zayn. With the Bloodline storyline ongoing, it will be fascinating to see what the future holds for Owens and Zayn individually.

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