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The UK’s Independent Wrestling Pride: A Million Dollar Rejection

AEW Star (Via WWE/Twitter)

Will Ospreay, a professional wrestling sensation of the last decade, has had a long-standing connection with RevPro Wrestling, a prominent UK-based independent promotion. In a recent interview, Ospreay made a surprising revelation, claiming that RevPro was offered $1 million by WWE, but declined the offer. Ospreay’s comments sparked controversy, with many fans questioning the nature of the deal and WWE’s intentions.

RevPro Wrestling, founded in 2012, has been a breeding ground for some of the world’s top talent, hosting the likes of Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Kevin Owens, and Finn Balor, among others. The promotion’s reputation for producing high-quality matches and events has earned it a loyal fan base and recognition within the professional wrestling community. The UK independent scene, of which RevPro is a part, is known for its rich history and talent pool, with promotions like Progress and EVOLVE also gaining recognition globally.

Will Ospreay (Via Twitter)

Ospreay’s comments suggested that RevPro’s rejection of the $1 million offer was a testament to the promotion’s commitment to its identity and values. He emphasized his own allegiance to RevPro and the UK wrestling scene, stating, “I believe in Revolution Pro Wrestling, but more importantly, I believe in this flag [UK flag] and our pro wrestlers.” The wrestler also expressed his excitement about bringing New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) back to Royal Quest, indicating a strong relationship between the two promotions.

Many fans may view the $1 million offer as an insult, considering the financial potential and exposure that a partnership with WWE would bring. WWE has a history of making offers to independent companies, including Progress and EVOLVE, but these deals often come with significant creative control issues and demands for talent exclusivity. RevPro’s rejection of the offer could be seen as a sign of the promotion’s desire to maintain its autonomy and creative freedom.

Will Ospreay’s comments have sparked a heated discussion about the value and intentions behind WWE’s offer to RevPro. While some may view the offer as a snub, others may see it as a genuine attempt to partner with a high-quality promotion. Ultimately, the decision to reject the offer lies with RevPro, and its commitment to its identity and values remains unwavering.

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