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The Undertaker: The Era of Reality TV Has Killed the Illusion of Kayfabe

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (Via WWE/Twitter)

The Undertaker, a wrestling legend with a career spanning three decades, has expressed his concern over the decline of kayfabe, a practice that has been a cornerstone of the professional wrestling world. In a recent interview with Mike Tyson on “Hotboxin'”, The Undertaker lamented the increasing fascination with behind-the-scenes secrets and backstage drama, which he believes has led to the death of kayfabe. According to The Deadman, fans are no longer content with simply watching the action unfold on screen, but instead are hungry for information about what happens off-screen.

The Undertaker, who was a mainstay of WWE television during the Attitude Era, believes that this obsession with backstage secrets has made it increasingly difficult for wrestlers to maintain their on-screen personas and narratives. He recalls a time when wrestlers would protect their kayfabe backstories and not betray the illusion of a real-life storyline unfolding on screen. However, with the advent of social media, the line between reality and fiction has become increasingly blurred, making it challenging for wrestlers to sustain their on-screen characters.

The Undertaker (Via WWE/Twitter)

The Deadman himself was notorious for his ability to maintain kayfabe, even going so far as to quip about the importance of not revealing one’s true identity in the ring. He would often remark that if a wrestler was billed as being from a particular location, then that was where they were from, and he would not let anyone know any different. This sense of compartmentalization between on-screen and off-screen personas is, in The Undertaker’s estimation, a key part of sustaining the illusion of kayfabe.

The Undertaker’s remarks are likely to resonate with fans and wrestlers alike, given his long history with WWE and his deep understanding of the importance of maintaining kayfabe. Despite retiring from the ring in 2020, The Deadman remains an iconic figure in professional wrestling, and his thoughts on the decline of kayfabe are a testament to its significance in professional wrestling.

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