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Vince McMahon’s Return Brings Turmoil to WWE as Stephanie McMahon Exits

Vince McMahon (Via WWE/Twitter)

The sudden return of Vince McMahon to WWE last week has caused a stir in the wrestling world, with many fans worried about the impact he will have on the company. The 77-year-old business magnate became the Board Of Directors and Executive Chairman of WWE, with Nick Khan remaining as the sole CEO. This transition has raised concerns among fans, as they remember Vince’s previous attempts to take control and micromanage the company. One source, Dave Meltzer, reported in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Vince had issues working with his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, during her tenure as co-CEO alongside Nick Khan. According to Meltzer, Stephanie and Vince had differences in working together as family members, which made Nick Khan a valuable buffer between the two.

The sudden exit of Stephanie McMahon from her position as co-CEO has left many fans questioning her departure. Some have speculated that she left due to the pressure of working with her father, while others believe she was forced out due to Vince’s desire for control. Regardless of the reason, her departure has raised eyebrows, especially since she was a strong advocate for women’s wrestling and played a significant role in the company’s growth during her tenure.

Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon (Via WWE/Twitter)17

Another writer, an ex-WWE scribe, has also weighed in on the situation, stating that Stephanie received a lot of unfair criticism from fans. This criticism has culminated in an online persona for Stephanie, labeling her as “the Billion Dollar Princess.” The writer argues that this label is unfair and that Stephanie brought a lot of positive changes to the company.

As the dust settles on this latest development, fans are left to wonder what the future holds for WWE under Vince McMahon’s guidance. Will he continue to meddle in creative decisions, or will he take a step back and allow the team to run the show? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Vince’s return has brought a new level of uncertainty to the wrestling world.

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