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Wes Lee’s Uncertain Future in WWE

Wes Lee (Via WWE/Twitter)

Wes Lee, the NXT North American Champion, has left many fans wondering about his future in the WWE after recently quitting the NXT brand on September 12th. Lee’s impressive tenure was unfortunately cut short as he failed to secure another shot at the NXT Title, with Ilja Dragunov instead earning the opportunity to face Carmelo Hayes at NXT No Mercy. Following his defeat, Lee headed back to the locker room, sparking speculation that he might be parting ways with the company. As a result, News reached out to a tenured member of the WWE creative team to inquire about the possibility of a main roster call-up for Lee.

According to the source, the WWE creative team has not been approached about his potential call-up, with no ideas having been tossed around. This leaves fans uncertain about what’s next for Lee, and whether he’ll eventually make the move to the main roster. Some might argue that he deserves a WWE call-up, given his impressive tenure as NXT North American Champion. Despite this, it remains to be seen what the future holds for this talented wrestler.

WWE NXT (Via WWE/Twitter)22

In an effort to gain more insight into the possible future of other rumored NXT Superstars who could be in line for a main roster call-up, News reached out to inquire. While their identities were not disclosed, it’s clear that the WWE is keeping its options open for the right moments. As the storyline unfolds, fans will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting news about Wes Lee’s next move.

Lee’s departure from NXT has left fans curious and eager for more information about what’s to come. Only time will tell if he’ll return to the brand with a new character or motivation, or if he’ll find a new home on the main roster. One thing is certain, though: the uncertainty surrounding his departure has left fans eager for more information.

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