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WrestleMania 39’s Unplanned Moment Makes Match Even More Memorable

Charlotte Flair (Via WWE/Twitter)

Charlotte Flair, the current Queen of WWE, recently spoke about her match against Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 39, where she lost her SmackDown Women’s Championship. In an interview on The Michael Kay Show, Flair revealed that a botched German suplex spot during the match was not planned. According to Flair, she took a German suplex and landed face-first on the mat, which was supposed to be a planned move. However, she accidentally landed flat on her face, and she was relieved that Ripley didn’t move, allowing her to catch her breath.

Despite the unplanned moment, Flair believes it made the match even more memorable, as it led to great replays. She mentioned that if the accident hadn’t happened, the match wouldn’t have received the same level of attention. Flair’s candid admission highlights the unpredictability of professional wrestling and the importance of being able to adapt to unexpected situations. Her willingness to speak about the mishap showcases her professionalism and humility.

Charlotte Flair (Via WWE/Twitter)

The match between Flair and Ripley was widely praised, showcasing both women’s exceptional skill and athleticism. The match ended with Ripley emerging victorious and retaining her SmackDown Women’s Championship. Flair, on the other hand, has been left to ponder her next move, having lost her title. Her future plans remain uncertain, but one thing is clear – she is still a force to be reckoned with in the WWE.

The incident serves as a testament to the athleticism and resilience of professional wrestlers, who often put their bodies on the line for the sake of the show. Charlotte Flair’s candid account of the botched spot adds a layer of authenticity to the match, making it even more memorable for fans.

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