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Wrestling Business Deals and Fractious Feelings Drive Mercedes Mone Away from WWE

Mercedes Mone (Via WWE/Twitter)

Mercedes Mone’s sudden absence from WWE and reports of stalled negotiations have sparked numerous speculations about her future in the wrestling world. A recent interview with Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio provided insight into the reason behind the failed talks between Mone and WWE. According to Meltzer, money issues played a significant role in their negotiations falling through. He stated that the two parties were far apart on monetary demands, with one WWE individual emphasizing the importance of not repeating the mistakes made with the recent past with CM Punk.

Meltzer also revealed that another point of contention was Mone’s evolving career in acting, which could restrict her creative freedom within WWE. He noted that AEW would offer her more liberty to pursue her acting endeavors, whereas WWE, under the previous management of Vince McMahon, was known for being more controlling. This added element of friction would ultimately contribute to the breakdown in talks between Mone and WWE.

Charlotte Flair and Mercedes Mone (Via WWE/Twitter)

The uncertainty surrounding Mone’s WWE departure has led to rumors about her potential appearance in AEW. While she did not make an appearance at AEW’s Worlds End event, some speculate that she could debut within the next few months. The whispers of her arrival in AEW have generated excitement among fans, who are eager to see how she would fit into the organization’s existing roster.

The drama surrounding Mone’s WWE departure and subsequent failed negotiations raises questions about her future in professional wrestling. Whether she decides to join AEW or explore new opportunities, her undeniable talent and charisma will undoubtedly continue to make waves in the industry. As the wrestling world waits with bated breath for Mone’s next move, one thing is certain: her decision will have significant repercussions on the professional wrestling terrain.

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