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Wrestling Greats Weigh In on CM Punk’s WWE Return

CM Punk (Via WWE/Twitter)

CM Punk’s return to WWE sparked significant buzz in the wrestling community, with many speculating about the implications of his comeback. During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, wrestling legend Mark Henry addressed the rumors of resentment among certain wrestlers towards Punk’s return. Henry, a close friend of Punk’s, revealed that he has heard reports of multiple Superstars being upset about the Second City Savior’s latest run in WWE.

According to Henry, some wrestlers at the top may not be happy about Punk’s return as it will likely impact their own minutes and opportunities. He argued that these individuals may take their “ball and go home” if they feel threatened by Punk’s presence. Henry referenced the example of Steve Austin, who famously quit the company in the past, only to return later. Henry believes that those who do choose to leave will likely return once they realize that the business is bigger than any individual.

Henry also addressed the concerns of wrestlers who may have unresolved issues with Punk. He bluntly stated that if these individuals decide to “retire” or take their ball and go home if Punk returns, then they are not necessary to the company’s success. The wrestling veteran concluded that the business will continue to thrive with or without these disgruntled Superstars.

CM Punk (Via WWE/Twitter)

While Henry did not explicitly name Ryback, his comments seem to be referencing the Big Guy’s well-publicized threat to quit the business if Punk returned at Survivor Series. Ryback ultimately backed off his promise, but Henry’s words may be seen as a warning to any other wrestlers who are considering taking a similar stance.

Mark Henry’s comments provide a Look into the potential drama that may be brewing behind the scenes as a result of CM Punk’s return to WWE. With his reputation for being a straight shooter, Henry’s words may have added fuel to the fire, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the outcome.

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