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Wrestling Legend’s Innovative Twist on the Money in the Bank Concept

Money In The Bank (Via WWE/Twitter)

Mike Chioda, a former WWE referee, recently shared an unconventional idea he pitched to the company regarding the Money in the Bank Ladder Match on the Monday Mailbag for AdFreeShows. According to Chioda, the concept involved having two wrestlers simultaneously become dual winners of the match, with one wrestler obtaining the contract and the other obtaining the briefcase. This unique twist would lead to a follow-up match between the two winners to determine control of both the contract and the briefcase, creating a new dynamic in the Money in the Bank concept.

Chioda specifically mentioned Dolph Ziggler as one of the wrestlers involved in his idea, where as the two competitors are perched atop the ladder, the briefcase opens, causing one wrestler to fall down with the contract and the other to fall down with the briefcase. This unexpected turn of events would grant neither the contract nor the briefcase any value without the other, creating a new layer of complexity in the match.

Chioda pitch this idea multiple times, but it unfortunately never came to fruition in WWE. Despite not being implemented, the concept does add an intriguing layer to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, offering new storytelling opportunities and creating an interesting twist. Chioda’s idea presents a fresh take on the classic match, where the focus would shift from the contract alone to the dynamic between the two winners and their competing desire to control both the contract and the briefcase.

Money in the bank (Via WWE/Twitter)

The possibility of dual winners adds an unexpected layer of complexity to the match, allowing for more nuanced character development and storytelling opportunities. This concept also raises questions about the value each winner would place on the contract and briefcase, potentially leading to intriguing character arcs and rivalries. For fans, this new dynamic would offer a fresh take on a classic match, with new possibilities for exciting moments and unforgettable matches.

Ultimately, while Chioda’s idea never came to fruition in WWE, it remains an intriguing concept that could have boosted the Money in the Bank Ladder Match to new heights. Chioda’s idea was a bold attempt to shake things up and add a new layer of complexity to the match, and its potential for exciting storytelling and character development makes it a fascinating concept that could have been explored further.

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