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Wrestling Legends Speak Out on Backstage Etiquette and Respect

Sasha Banks (Via WWE/Twitter)

Lisa Marie Varon, also known as Victoria in WWE, recently appeared on the Grown Ass Women Podcast, where she discussed her experiences working with other wrestlers and the importance of treating others with respect backstage. When asked about her approach to working with fellow wrestlers, Varon emphasized her commitment to being welcoming and respectful, even if she doesn’t know someone well or has had past issues with them.

Varon then shared her own personal story of being mistreated when she returned to WWE backstage, stating, “I was treated like s**t when I came back to (WWE) backstage. And I was like, you know what? How I got treated by some of the people, I will never treat a human like that. Ever.” She did not specify the exact time period of her return or the identity of the individuals who mistreated her, but it is believed by some fans to have been her appearance in the 2021 women’s Royal Rumble match, which was her first official match with WWE since leaving the company in 2009.

Sasha Banks

Varon’s comments echo those of other wrestling legends who have spoken out about their negative experiences in the industry, including Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and AJ Lee. Their stories have sparked discussions about the need for better working conditions and have inspired fans to support their favorite wrestlers and advocate for change. Varon’s emphasis on treating others with respect and kindness is especially relevant in an industry often plagued by conflicts and drama.

As a pioneering female wrestler who won two Women’s Championships and a Divas Championship during her time in WWE, Varon is well-respected by fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Her commitment to promoting a positive and respectful environment backstage is a valuable lesson for anyone working in the entertainment industry.

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